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AWS — Site-to-Site VPN Connections Overview

Agenda Autonomous System and BGP what is  Site-to-Site VPN Flow Diagram and Architecture Site-to-Site VPN features Site-to-Site VPN limitations Customer gateway and Virtual Gateway Limitation Alternate VPN Demo What is Autonomous System: The Internet is a network of networks, and autonomous systems are the big networks that make up the Internet. More specifically, an autonomous […]

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Troubleshooting Docker Connectivity Issues

If you’re planning on working with Sitecore 10.3 locally, you may run into issues when setting up a Docker container. One problem you might encounter when setting up Sitecore Docker is when trying to pull packages down, such as the .NET SDK, you might get an error that says “The remote name could not be […]

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Docker Bootcamp – Linking Multiple Containers Part 2

Welcome back to Docker Bootcamp.  In this post, we’ll revisit the topic of linking multiple containers. We’ll discover how to link containers using Docker’s network features that we’ve discussed in previous posts. In part one, we used the link flag to connect two containers. The link flag is considered a legacy feature and could eventually […]


Docker Bootcamp – Networking Part 4

Welcome back to Docker Bootcamp.  In the previous post on networking, we modified our container’s network configurations using flags on the create or run command. Here we will create a user-defined network and set a specific IP address on our container. Terminology Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) – A notation representing a network identifier and the […]


Docker Bootcamp – Networking Part 3

Welcome back to Docker Bootcamp.  In the previous post on networking, we mapped ports in the container back to the host and connected to services running inside the container.  Here we will set custom DNS and hostnames. Using these options modifies the network configurations inside the container in various ways. Terminology Domain Name Service (DNS) […]


Docker Bootcamp – Networking Part 2

Welcome back to Docker Bootcamp. In this post, we’ll take another look at networking. In the first post on networking, we looked at the different types of network and container isolation types available through docker. Here we will map ports in the container back to the host and connect to services running inside the container. […]


Docker Bootcamp – Networking

Welcome back to my Docker Bootcamp Series. In my last post, I showed you how to have persistent storage for your containers. In this post, we’ll look at networking. I’ve included some basic network terminology, which is not directly related to Docker, for some extra background. Terminology Docker Network Types Docker provides four different network […]

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OAC Private Access Channel Enables Consolidated Analytics with Data Sources in Different Networks

A recently released feature of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is Private Access Channel (PAC). PAC allows us to connect OAC to private data sources. This means it allows us to connect OAC to databases hosted in private networks, such as on-premises within a corporate network, or on other Clouds, both Oracle and non-Oracle. PAC connects […]

Three Ways to Stay Connected in the Age of Virtual Conferences

It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances that are leading to tech conference cancellations, postponements or going all digital. We are challenged to reimagine what the virtual conference experience could look like for employees, partners, and customers. In our tech-oriented world, we’re constantly talking about change and transformation. We’re faced daily with challenges surrounding canceled or […]

IBM ConnectED 2015: How We are Preparing

For companies interested in improving their digital experience and collaboration offerings with the world’s leading technology vendor, IBM ConnectED in Orlando, FL is the place to be. ConnectED is centered around trending topics such as cloud, social, and mobility that are evolving how employees work and consumers interact with their favorite brands. The name of […]

Windows Azure and AT&T

Microsoft  and AT&T announced today they are working together to deliver private networks for businesses to connect to Windows Azure. Windows Azure already has virtual networking capabilities.  So now customers will have multiple options for connecting on-premises to Windows Azure.

Microsoft //BUILD Conference Webinar #2– How Windows 8 / Metro will Affect Enterprise IT, and How You Can Prepare

Date: October 27, 2011 Time: 1:00-2:00 PM EST Register Now! We have changed the date of this webinar to October 27, 2011. Windows 8 is a product that is initially both exhilarating and confusing. The Metro Style UI first experienced in Windows Phone 7 is at the forefront of Windows 8. It is fresh […]