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More Mobile Purchases Means More Need for App Personalization

According to eMarketer, the number of people around the world accessing the internet using smartphones reached 2.39 billion in 2017. These mobile users are spending hours each day on their phones, completing tasks, and consuming media in a highly customized environment of apps they have chosen to download and regularly interact with. Brands are trying […]

Where’s Retail Banking Headed? Digital Trends from Adobe

I had the pleasure of attending an Adobe Café in NYC earlier last week. The Cafés are a series of workshops Adobe is hosting for its partners. This one in particular was specifically geared towards business development in the financial services industry. Christopher Young, director of industry strategy and marketing for financial services at Adobe, presented some great statistics […]

Google’s Intrusive Interstitial Update – All Bark and No Bite?!

Last August, Google announced that, starting January 2017, they would not rank mobile pages as high if the content was visually obscured by an intrusive interstitial or popup. The main reasons Google decided they would start demoting mobile pages with annoying interstitials is because it’s a bad user experience for smaller screens and frustrates users […]

#IBMAmplify Insights: The Strange Future of Mobile

In 2016, mobile overtook desktop in its use, with more people using mobile to do more tasks than on laptops/desktops. More than 2,000,000 apps are available in the Apple store and even more in the Google Play store. However, the trend is that app downloads were way down in 2016 (<1 per month) due to the fact […]

Three Trends Impacting Your eCommerce Business in 2017

According to Internet Retailer, eCommerce sales in the U.S. continues to outpace brick-and-mortar stores – as of Q3 2016, digital commerce sales grew by 15.6%. It won’t be long before we know the final eCommerce growth numbers for 2016. Judging by reported sales from the 2016 holiday shopping season, eCommerce businesses finished strong. (Conservative estimates […]

What’s Next for Adobe and Microsoft?

The dust seems to have settled on this fall’s announcement of Adobe and Microsoft’s new partnership, and conventional wisdom says a lot of work remains to be done for these software titans to realize the promise of their new relationship.  That means I’ve witnessed a number of experienced observers of either company yawning, taking a […]

Keep Calm and Learn about Google Mobile-First Indexing

Conferences are the perfect opportunities for Googler Gary Illyes to make big announcements, and this year’s Pubcon did just that. During his keynote, which I was fortunate enough to attend in Las Vegas this October, Gary announced that for the first time, Google’s index would switch from desktop to mobile, a change we touched on […]

#AdobeChat: A Recap on Consumer Email Marketing

Email has been a part of our lives for a long time. Once searching the web and email communication were embraced by the masses, marketers quickly capitalized on this opportunity – a way to establish direct, personal communication with their customers! Of course things have evolved since the early days – brands have to make […]

Validate OTT (Over-The-Top) Analytics Measurement Implementation

There are several methods to validate and debug analytic implementations using Adobe App Measurement Libraries. Over-the-Top (OTT) Providers can use the following method to validate their analytics implementation for iPhone, android, Xbox 360,  Roku and connected TVs of all kinds, and more. The web proxy is the most common method for capturing analytics requests. Using a […]

Pokémon Go and How Augmented and Virtual Reality Helps Brands

What is Pokémon Go? The game, now available on iOS (Apple) and Android, gets you to go out and explore the real world with your mobile phone while you have the app turned on. It’s now bigger than Tinder and close to beating Twitter’s “daily active users,” since its launch on July 6th. The game […]

What’s in Your Marketing Wallet?

The marketer’s tool box is big and growing even larger each year. We have all heard the Capital One  “What’s in your Wallet?” commercial.  The implication is that this credit card is the one and only card you need.  During a presentation, it was mentioned that, on average, a marketer uses at least seven marketing […]

Live from Adobe Summit: Top 3 New Technologies

Summit Sneaks is one of the most highly-anticipated sessions of the conference. Dan Klco, Senior Solutions Architect and our SME on the street in Vegas, picks the top three technologies featured and describes how they will improve the lives of consumers and marketers. Ad Wearout – prevent consumers from hitting “unsubscribe” X Attribution – track conversions […]

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