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LinkedIn OpenHouse Control Plane

LinkedIn open sources a control plane for lake houses

LinkedIn open sources a lot of code. Kafka, of course, but also Samza and Voldemoort and a bunch of Hadoop tools like DataFu and Gobblin. Open-source projects tend to be created by developers to solve engineering problems while commercial products … Anyway, LinkedIn has a new open-source data offering called OpenHouse, which is billed as […]

Data Lakehouse House 2

Databricks Lakehouse Federation Public Preview

Sometimes, its nice to be able to skip a step. Most data projects involve data movement before data access. Usually this is not an issue; everyone agrees that the data must be made available before it can be available. There are use cases where the data movement part is a blocker because of time, cost, […]

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Deep Dive into Databricks Tempo for Time Series Analytics

Time-series data has typically been fit imperfectly into whatever database we were using at the time for other tasks. There are time series databases¬† (TSDB) coming to market. TSDBs are optimized to store and retrieve associated pairs of times and values. TSDB’s architecture focuses on time-stamp data storage and the compressions, summarization and life-cycle management […]