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Three Principles for Writing Effective Analytics Documentation

Documentation is a crucial part of your analytics implementation. From your Solution Design Reference document to your internal wiki for all resources, making sure that you can write and edit your documentation is key to ensuring a cohesive and thorough understanding of your implementation. With effective documentation, you can: Prevent knowledge gaps among team members […]

KT on KT: An Expert’s Guide to Knowledge Transfer

Back in my teeth-cutting days as a journalist, we were always told a good headline/title will hook the readers. Today, we call that click bait, did it work? So, what’s this missive about? Well, my initials are KT and I’m going to espouse the importance of and some best practices of good Knowledge Transfers (KTs). […]

The Future of Documents

The Future of Documents

More and more organizations are looking to de-clutter their workspaces by digitizing important documents. But many businesses have vast critical data trapped within those virtual sheets of paper waiting to be unlocked. The time is now for businesses to look past the metaphor of virtual sheets of paper and start looking to the data within […]

Structured content and data silos

Winning Intranet Strategies: Structured Content and Data Silos

Those of us in the business of building corporate intranets have long battled against people’s tendencies to work in isolation or “silos”. Our goal is to create intranet and collaboration sites where people work in an open and transparent manner, and information is accessible, enabling better decision-making and productivity. Many intranet and collaboration tools such […]

A Salesforce Classic to Lightning Knowledge Readiness Deep Dive

In the Spring ’17 release, Knowledge had its beta debut in Lightning but with the latest release (Summer ’17) it is officially generally available (GA). As of right now, Knowledge is available in both Classic and Lightning Experience; but it is a great time to evaluate if you’re ready to enable Lightning Knowledge in your […]

GoPro Wins Service Cloud Surfboard Award at Dreamforce 2015

For the second year running, Salesforce has teamed up with its partners to recognize some amazing Service Cloud customers who have transformed their business with outstanding customer service. Salesforce received hundreds of customer nominations across 20 different Surfboard Award categories hunting for the “best-of-the-best” customer service solutions. Let’s just say we’re “totally stoked” to be a part of the […]

Perficient Named a Salesforce Fullforce Service Cloud Master

We are proud to announce that Perficient, a Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner, has been recognized as a Fullforce Service Cloud Master, a program recognizing Salesforce partners with proven expertise delivering industry and cloud-specific services and solutions for customers. Perficient was selected to join this elite program based on its proven customer service expertise and excellent client track record […]

3 Ways to Increase Adoption of Your Partner Community

Partner enablement is one of the key business drivers that prompts businesses to invest in Partner Communities. This is not surprising; to grow your channel successfully, you want to give your partners the best information and tools to enable them to represent and sell your brand. However, partner portal adoption is low and most people […]

Knowledge Communities

I saw a good presentation on knowledge communities.  The speaker, Jim Kane, gave a good overview.  Before I go into notes let me note his one key best practice: ” Don’t just use a template. A template will fail.”  He makes a great point that it’s about much more than just the technology. The Problem […]

ITIL Knowledge Management Part I: Key Performance Indicators

The Knowledge Management Process is one of the new processes that were introduced with ITIL v3. ITIL Knowledge Management components are visible within many other Service Management processes. The Knowledge Management process introduces a common, central knowledge repository called the Service Knowledge Management System. Leveraging SharePoint 2010 as a Presentation Layer Portal of a SKMS […]

Social Software Helps Shape our Understanding of Knowledge Management

Debra Logan gave some insights on what social software means to the KM world.   I find this interesting because we all talk about capturing and using the knowledge inherent in our organizations………….we just do a lousy job of implementing it.  I think it has to do with both the tools we used previously and with […]