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Securing Your Web API Using Azure Active Directory

Large or small, all companies need web security. And what better way to secure your ASP.NET Core Web API than using Azure Active Directory? Given MVC-style apps are the dominant force in the market nowadays, the majority of documentation on the matter focuses here. That left me, desiring to create a loosely-coupled Web API instead […]

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Using TypeScript with the Twilio Flex Agent UI Sample

When we first started working with the Flex samples provided by Twilio, the source code was provided in TypeScript. This provided a dev-time programming environment that I tend to prefer, even though I am far from a TypeScript expert. As Flex and the quick-start samples moved toward general availability, Twilio made the choice to switch […]

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What’s In the Latest Twilio Flex Quickstart?

As Twilio Flex nears a general availability (GA) date, the team continues to iterate and fine-tune the Flex Quickstart. The Flex Quickstart provides configuration and code to quickly provision a new Flex project. We’ve been installing various versions of this since the summer. In the 0.12 and 0.13 versions, we’ve seen some interesting changes from […]

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How to Customize Your Own HTML5 Audio Player

Introduction Web developers have wanted to use audio and video on the web for quite a long time. With the standardization of HTML5 and most modern browsers starting to implement HML5, it’s been a great surprise for us. In the past, implementing audio and video in a web application would be very tedious since we […]

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APS.NET Core Web Application with React-Redux

Introduction React has gone viral among web developers. Compared to other mainstream JS libraries, thanks to JSX and virtual DOM, react has native advantages on DOM control. Redux is a handy way to manage state and React-Redux provides the glue between React and Redux. Going back to ASP.Net core, on VS 2017 Update 3, users […]

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Using Webpack to Enable Dynamic Imports and Long-Term-Caching

Background Many people are using Webpack in front-end projects to pack their modules, especially for big single page application. Usually, it will pack up all your js files into one js bundle., but you may not need them all at the same time since it will take longer when the page is being loaded. So, […]

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Handle JSON Data Using JavaScript Expression in OSB 12c

Oracle Service Bus 12.2.1 provides a JavaScript action, which allows us to include snippets of JavaScript code to be executed during proxy pipeline processing. The most common case for using JavaScript is when dealing with JSON objects in REST services. Rather than converting the payload to XML and using XQuery or XSLT for manipulation, using […]

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Create a Microsoft Outlook email using JavaScript

  This proof of concept provides reusable code for implementing MS Outlook email functionality using JavaScript. Here we create a sample email content (.eml file) which could directly be hard coded or fetched from document id or class. Here we create a blob data type where we create mail subject using creatObjectURL () function. Here […]

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Under the Hood With “The Future of SharePoint”

It has been about a week since Microsoft unveiled “The Future of SharePoint” at this event here (note: you have to provide your e-mail and some other info to get access to all the content). The keynote has kind of a general overview of all of the new directions that the SharePoint team is heading […]

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Top 5 SharePoint Innovations Announced Today

On Star Wars day the force is most definitely with SharePoint. SharePoint is here to stay and continues to form an integral part of Office 365. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 innovations announced today… #1 Page Rendering Model There is a radically new page rendering model. SharePoint pages previously relied a lot on […]

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Gracefully handle MVC login session expiration in javascript

If your web application is built using ASP.NET MVC stack and it requires user authentication and authorization to access a certain parts of the application (or application as a whole), then the chances are that you using [Authorize] controller attribute. This attribute could be applied to controller as a whole or to any of the […]

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SharePoint 2013 Search: JavaScript CSOM Primer

A lot of JavaScript incoming! With the rise of SharePoint Online, custom search solutions through JavaScript have become a staple for the development work for clients. While a lot of your search basics can be handled through simple modification of Display Templates (see some of my previous blogs for some basics there), the opportunity still […]

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Goodbye JavaScript, Hello TypeScript!!!!

There are many things developers hate about JavaScript.  You can see this with all of the different ways people are trying to “fix” JavaScript.  Here are a couple of the ways: CoffeeScript is a language which is syntactically similar to JavaScript and attempts to expose the “good parts” of JavaScript Google went ahead and wrote […]

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Retrieving SharePoint List Column Managed Metadata (JavaScript)

This is a quickie, but can be useful for those accessing SharePoint Managed Metadata from the Client Side. Often when you’re pulling back data from SharePoint lists, you’ll get a full-fledged object back rather than a single field value (and yes I ran into this while working on some fancy calls in a Display Template). […]

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SharePoint 2010: Getting Workflows for a List From the JavaScript Client Object Model

All over the web, there are plenty of links to how to interact with SharePoint 2010 via the Client Object Model. Unfortunately, these interactions are all done via the compiled Client Object Model, not the Silverlight or JavaScript versions. That means you have to do the translation to JavaScript or Silverlight yourself. For Silverlight, that’s […]

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REST Easy in SharePoint 2010

Sharepoint 2010 includes out-of-the-box support for RESTful access to list data via the ListData.svc service. This service makes it easy to write client-side applications that consume data from SharePoint lists. The service is a significant improvement over Lists.asmx (which is still supported) in that it natively supports Atom or JSON formatted responses allowing AJAX applications […]

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