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AI is Powering its Way to PIM

Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become one of the industry’s biggest buzzwords, and many businesses are looking to utilize this technology to provide enhanced digital experiences. AI is programmed intelligent software or hardware that can learn and solve problems and has forecasted growth of 54% this year in the software market worldwide. It continues to […]

Introducing New Ways to Quick-start Your PIM Platform

Product Information Management (PIM) and commerce go hand-in-hand, and inRiver is the common factor that helps simplify product information for both B2B and B2C shopping channels. Not only has our partnership with inRiver brought us several platform integrations, years of strategic guidance, and a multitude of services, but it has also enabled us to create […]

Join Us at PIMpoint Digital 2020

As a proud inRiver partner with years of expertise in the product information management field, Perficient is proud to announce our sponsorship and involvement with inRiver’s PIMpoint Digital 2020. Join us for the event on October 5-9, 2020 to learn and understand the value of ecommerce and the benefits of utilizing product information management (PIM) systems for your business. Attendees will hear from industry leaders, keynote speakers, partners, and customers who want to […]

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A Speed-to-Value Approach for Building a Furniture Ecommerce Store

Over the last decade, the furniture industry has been slowly enhancing its online presence and driving more sales through digital channels. In the last 3-4 years, that adoption rate has gone up, and more companies are accelerating the launch of an ecommerce website. It is estimated that in the coming years, furniture and houseware-related revenue […]

Facing Business Challenges in Technology Implementations

Businesses face several challenges when implementing technology. Over the last several decades, organizations have built their tech stacks to help them with their business processes, but as time goes on, business needs grow and customer expectations change. Many businesses are now finding they don’t have the funds or technical agility to evolve their technology to […]

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Avoid Conflict for Positive Profit: Data Governance with InRiver

To be successful, businesses need to sell their products quickly, seamlessly and at the lowest possible cost. This starts with managing your product data efficiently. By reducing the complexity of data management and providing a process that requires little involvement from IT, organizations can reduce the time it takes to make a product available to […] Resizeimage 5 (1)

Prepping for Product Information Management (PIM) Implementation

Maintaining data is not a new challenge. It’s complex when you want to succeed in the market and want to get ahead of your competitors. The eCommerce market is expected to grow further in coming years, making data management a crucial factor. This post is a quick guide that will help you not just to […]

Crafting Well-Built Commerce for Jordan’s Furniture

The retail industry across the board understands the importance of delivering an omni-channel customer experience. Even the furniture industry is feeling the effects as pure-play eCommerce retailers like Wayfair and chip away at market share. However, most consumers want to be able to see finished products in a retail setting, especially when it comes […]

Infographic: What’s the Value of PIM + Commerce?

To maintain a competitive edge in B2B eCommerce, you understand there’s more involved than managing an online catalog and ordering system.  Rising consumer expectations have raised the bar for the B2B commerce experience. Quality content plays a major role in how customers and prospects evaluate their online experience. Merchants that provide deep content, product images […]

Improving the Omni-Channel Experience with PIM-Commerce, Part 3

As B2B eCommerce continues to grow, so do the demands of business buyers. Blame it on Amazon, Apple, and other online retailers that have raised the bar on customer experience. Whether you are a B2C or B2B buyer, this is the experience we all desire. Companies that provide deep content, product images and videos, product […]

Improving the Omni-Channel Experience with PIM-Commerce, Part 2

“Content is king.” As a marketer, I’ve heard this phrase repeatedly over the last several years. But does the same idea apply to B2B eCommerce? According to DemandGen, the stats to support the importance of content and commerce are telling: 82% of B2B buyers said the winning vendor’s content significantly influenced their decision 87% stated […]

Improving the Omni-Channel Experience with PIM-Commerce, Part 1

Last year, 85% of B2B companies invested in improving their eCommerce sites. While a number of factors are influencing this trend, one of the most significant may be the market opportunity. Online B2B eCommerce will grow from $780 billion (in 2015) to $1 trillion by 2020 – Forrester Research Investing in a best-in-breed solution for […]

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