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Consider users' diverse needs and goals

Designing for Diversity: Accessibility in the Product Development Lifecycle – Part 3 of 4

Product teams should be keen to understand how people interact with digital content and media. For one, web users’ interactions with website content changes over time. Two, it changes by situation. And three, it changes by ability. For example, what a web user can do in her 20’s, such as navigating web pages with a mouse, […]

Department of Justice (DOJ) wants to ensure website access for persons with disabilities

Updated Guidance on Americans with Disability Act – Ensure Website Content is Accessible

Today 1 in 4 Americans hit virtual roadblocks accessing web content simply because their capabilities, adaptive strategies or their assistive technologies are not considered during the design of digital experiences such as websites. How many website users in the U.S. could potentially be affected? There are 307 million internet users and 276.8 million mobile internet users in […]

Start with Digital Accessibility, Benefit Everyone

Inclusive design is opening avenues of opportunity for design strategists and thinkers to imagine innovative solutions serving both mass market consumers and the market for people using assistive technologies (AT). Take for instance two prominent products with native assistive technology – iPhone’s VoiceOver and Android phones with Google’s TalkBack. Unlike most design solutions that start […]

Accessibility for All: The Benefits of Inclusive Design

In a recent presentation, John Seitz, UX architect at Perficient Digital, discussed the importance of inclusive design and how considering accessibility while designing and building your website has value for your company. Inclusive design is the creation of products or services that are accessible to, and usable by, as many people as reasonably possible. As […]