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Design Patterns for Historical Translations in Oracle HFM Part 1

There is always very much confusion surrounding the topic of currency translation in Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM). I will focus here on one of its more challenging aspects – translation of equity/capital accounts, aka historical translation. I will be arguing that: “Override accounts”, the traditional design for historical translations, is not the best fit […]

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Hyperion EPM–How to Choose the Right Applications? Part 3

From my latest post (Post 2), we talked about starting the process to identify your needs, the importance of a partner and the value of planning ahead.  We will continue down that path in this post.  I’m trying not to spend too much time on gathering project requirements in these posts; however, they are a […]

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Hyperion EPM–How to Choose the Right Applications? Part 2

From my earlier post (Post 1), we talked about what EPM is and how it can help organizations.  This post will focus on starting the process to determine what the organizational needs are.  This is the first step in determining which applications to select and implement.  If at all possible, do not buy your new […]

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Hyperion EPM–How to Choose the Right Applications for Your Needs?

Constant pressure from shareholders and upper management to improve the bottom line are driving factors to business leaders searching for new ways to be more effective and efficient. One of the many tools available to them is Enterprise Performance Management. Broadly defined, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is managing the profitability and performance of your business […]

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Top 5 Webinars of 2017 from our Oracle Practice

As I look back on 2017, Perficient delivered some webinars that seemed to strike a chord with attendees. Subject matter experts across EPM, ERP, BI, and CX all contributed to content rich events that really packed the virtual house! We were fortunate to have customers from Orthofix, Group Voyagers, and Mercer Advisors co-present with us […]

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HFM to FCCS [ODTUG Webinar Q&A – Part 2]

If you didn’t have an opportunity to attend the webinar, HFM to FCCS – A Customer Success Story, presented by Doga Pamir, Solutions Architect at Perficient, you might want to check it out on ODTUG’s website as part of their educational webinar series. This event was originally presented at Kscope17 and was so well received, that ODTUG […]

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HFM to FCCS [ODTUG Webinar Q&A – Part 1]

Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS) is one of the latest cloud solutions offered by Oracle.  Doga Pamir, Solutions Architect at Perficient, was selected by ODTUG to present at Kscope17 on this topic. His session, HFM to FCCS – A Customer Success Story, landed Doga not one, but two awards! The session was so well […]

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Oracle FCCS: A Deep Dive [Webinar Q&A – Part 2]

A recent Perficient webinar, Oracle FCCS: A Deep Dive, held a captive audience for the Q&A session well beyond the top of the hour. In the second of a two-part blog post, I share the highlights of questions asked by attendees and answered by both Tony Coffman, Oracle EPM Practice Director at Perficient, and Rajesh Bhatia, […]

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Oracle FCCS: A Deep Dive [Webinar Q&A – Part 1]

A recent Perficient webinar, Oracle FCCS: A Deep Dive, held a captive audience for the Q&A session well beyond the top of the hour. In this two-part blog post, I’ll share the highlights of questions asked by attendees and answered by both Tony Coffman, Oracle EPM Practice Director at Perficient and Rajesh Bhatia, VP of […]

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Oracle FCCS: A Deep Dive [Webinar]

Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS) is the latest evolution of Oracle’s market-leading Financial Close Suite. What makes it different than Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)? A lot! Join us for a side-by-side review of FCCS and HFM. If you’re a customer of Hyperion Enterprise, HFM, or non-Oracle financial reporting packages evaluating alternative solutions, […]

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Vacation Planning for Hyperion Administrators

When planning an out-of-town vacation, do you diligently ensure that you have someone lined up to water your plants, feed your goldfish, and keep an eye on your home?   What about your Hyperion environment? Do you hire a managed services provider to take care of your systems and watch over your applications while you are […]

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How to Encrypt the Admin Password When Used on a Batch Script

In one of my previous blog posts, the EPMAUTOMATE encrypt command was used to encrypt the administrator’s password on a batch script. Here, I describe the process for how to encrypt the password when used on a batch file. Before continuing, ensure the EPMAUTOMATE has been installed on the computer from which you are running […]

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Archive PBCS Snapshots to Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) low-cost S3 cloud storage provides a cost-efficient solution to archive snapshot files extracted from Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS). In the following paragraphs, I will use the AWS Command Line interface (CLI) to upload to the Amazon S3 bucket to archive backup files pulled down from a PBCS instance. […]

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Smart View Released

Smart View was released on Friday and brings a few new anticipated features. Here is a recap from the patch readme: You can now insert Planning forms as charts into Microsoft PowerPoint, giving you a graphical display of the information in the form. The Oracle Journals extension now supports opening Oracle Hyperion Financial Management […]

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Equity Overrides in HFM Implementations Give Clients Full Control

In an Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) implementation, we always use the historical rate to translate the subsidiary’s equity. Historical rate means the actual exchange rate used when the transaction was consummated. For me, the most practical way of achieving this is by using equity overrides. This gives the client full control of the actual translated […]

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Discover New HFM Functionality

After teaching several HFM Create & Manage Applications courses, I have found several functionality advantages of HFM User Functionality Greatest user improvement comes in Smart View and the Journals Extension. Users now have to ability to create and manage journal entries in Excel. We know that any time functionality can be completed in […]

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HFM Entity Moves from One Parent to Another

We had a client where, by nature of their business, base entities may move from one parent to another. However, all historical data must stay with their previous parent. Only prospective data will belong to the new parent. There may be several ways of complying with this client requirement, but for me, the simplest way […]

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HFM Security – Specific to Dimension Intersection

Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) data resides at the intersection of all the application dimensions. Consequently, data security should be defined at the dimension intersection. One of our clients requested us to review their HFM security in preparation for their annual audit. The application was previously built by a different consulting group and based on the […]

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Oracle Hyperion Installation and Configuration Class

In spite of the push by vendors to move to cloud based applications, many organizations are still installing software in their own data centers. Oracle University offers a couple great classes on the Oracle Hyperion infrastructure, specifically for installation and configuration of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and Oracle Hyperion Planning.  Both of these classes provide […]

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Improved Financial Management Reporting: CFO’s Vision Needed

The management reporting processes at various companies have significant limitations in meeting key expectations. Typical shortcomings are across three areas: * Impactful and timely reporting that forms the basis for proper decision making * Advanced analysis of the latest business metrics and future trends * Accurate business forecast to allow for effective planning This is […]

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