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The Role of Data Lakes in Healthcare

According to information technology research and advisory company Gartner, there is a market shift towards hybrid approaches to data management, as companies look to solve complex challenges with a mix of alternative and traditional deployments. Healthcare providers and health plans are asking the question, “Do we need an enterprise data warehouse, a data lake, or […]

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Connecting Mule API Gateway and ESB in Hybrid Mode

** To view “hello-world.raml”, please go to the very bottom of this post. APIs are driving the digital economy. One of the key players in the API field is MuleSoft. Instead of a labyrinth of overlapping products offerings, MuleSoft provides the Anypoint Platform with Mule API gateway and a nimble Mule ESB that can run […]

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SharePoint 2016 RTM Released

This week on Pi Day, March 14th, Microsoft announced that SharePoint Server 2016 has reached RTM (Release to Manufacturing). This new release of SharePoint Server brings with it new capabilities for users, IT pros and administrators. SharePoint 2016 also includes features for powering the next generation of hybrid capabilities. In addition, the cloud hybrid search for […]

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Business Optimization: Azure Powered SharePoint Site Provisioning

Do you have a Hybrid SharePoint environment, utilizing both SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises? Do you have a process for self-service site provisioning? Are you looking to optimize your SharePoint administration? Have you heard of Office PnP? Hopefully the answer to most of those questions is yes. Office PnP is community driven open source project […]

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Azure: Did You Know? Hybrid Connections as VPN Alternative

In real life cloud deployment scenarios one of the very common cases is when only part of the application resides in the cloud. Usually, it’s when there is a legacy system which can’t be migrated to the cloud and resides on premises, or it’s not optimal to deploy entire system to the cloud. After all, […]

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Office 365 – Allowing Users to Edit Exchange Groups They Manage

Exchange Hybrid and Directory Synchronization provide for the most full-featured integration experience with your on-premises messaging environment. Users, for the most part, are unaware of whether their mailbox is in the cloud or on-premises. There are, however, a few limitations with Exchange Hybrid and Directory Synchronization. One of these limitations is around distribution groups that […]

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Office 365 – The Magic Behind The Hybrid Config Wizard (2010)

Configuring Exchange hybrid prior to the Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) is just a distant memory at this point. The process that was a painfully long configuration was greatly simplified with the release of the HCW with SP2 for Exchange 2010 back in May 2011. As much as the HCW has made my job easier, I’m […]

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Office 365 – Common Exchange Online Hybrid Mail Flow Issues

Exchange Hybrid, when configured properly, can provide almost seamless coexistence between Exchange Online and your on-premises Exchange environment. Part of this concept is that while you technically have two separate Exchange organizations, the mail flow between these organizations appears “internal” so that a message from a cloud user looks no different than a message from […]

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Azure & StorSimple Hybrid Cloud Storage – Webinar Recap

Since it’s inception in 2010, Microsoft Azure has continuously posted triple digit growth, and is the only major cloud service that consistently leads in both IaaS and PaaS. You can get more background on Azure in this recent Forbe’s article. There are many ways enterprises can take advantage of Azure, with one being hybrid cloud […]

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Office 365 – The Importance of Remote Domains in Exchange Hybrid

When configuring an Exchange Hybrid environment, the Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) handles the majority of the heavy lifting. Despite the automation of the HCW, my colleagues and I have noticed there are some settings related to “Remote Domains” that don’t always end up properly configured. The Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) has evolved since its initial […]

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3 Components for a Successful Hybrid Environment in Healthcare

It is no secret that healthcare organizations are collecting more information today than ever before. They’re collecting information about their own operations, their patients and the communities they serve. The challenge for healthcare organizations isn’t collecting the information, but analyzing the data and efficiently and securely storing it. Healthcare organizations that can overcome the data […]

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Webinar Recap: SharePoint 2013 Hybrid Scenarios That Make Sense

Cloud services like Office 365 and SharePoint Online are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to an on-premises SharePoint solution. However, many organizations are deciding that their best bet is to deploy specific solutions in Office 365, while keeping other workloads in their on-premises SharePoint environment. Certain hybrid scenarios make sense, and others don’t. This past […]

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Webinar: SharePoint 2013 Hybrid Scenarios That Make Sense

As many organizations are in the process of moving to the cloud, or even considering a move, and a large portion of those organizations use SharePoint, it can be difficult to determine if and when a SharePoint on-premises and a SharePoint Online hybrid solution will provide value. This isn’t surprising, given the fact that questions […]

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Office 365 – Hybrid Wizard Fails Due To WPAD / PAC

The Office 365 Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) was introduced back with SP2 for Exchange 2010; while it has been a vast improvement over the former manually-intensive process, at times it can feel more like the “Hybrid Configuration Gremlin”… Like most aspects of Office 365, the HCW has seen continual improvement from it’s initial introduction and […]

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SharePoint or Office 365 – OneDrive for Business fits All

SkyDrive or OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, lync – where to start? what to install for users? Which to use when? Many of us go through these questions when facing customers or when looking to provide the best service to our internal users. So much information is flowing around the web but its always tough to assimilate in one place […]

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SharePoint Hybrid Architectures Introduction

Hybrid SharePoint environments combine deployments of SharePoint on premise with SharePoint Online. There are many different flavors of hybrid scenarios. In this post I will walk you through some of the terminology and explain the different options. The goal of any hybridization is to leverage the strengths of both parts, while minimizing the components’ weaknesses.  Hybrid […]

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Pervasive Data in Microsoft’s Cloud OS

As early as the beginning of this year, Microsoft began positioning their “Cloud OS” concept, based on the pillars of Windows Server and Microsoft (formerly Windows) Azure.  This perspective on the spectrum of Microsoft’s offerings casts Cloud OS as a giant next generation operating system, with all the scope and scalability that cloud computing offers. […]

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