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Overcoming Healthcare’s Mountain of Mistrust – Part 2: Payers

This is the second part of our series in which we’re discussing the increasing need to build trust among healthcare consumers. The analytics and opinion-polling firm Gallup has found a decline in Americans’ trust in many institutions and industries, including healthcare. This means building strong, ongoing relationships with consumers and members will be more critical […]

Winter ’19 Brings Exciting Changes to Salesforce Health Cloud

We Predict Very Happy Health Cloud Users Salesforce is at it again! The Winter ’19 release is full of amazing new features and enhancements sure to delight any Health Cloud user. At least three times per year, Salesforce has a major release of new and updated functionality. Be sure to check out the Winter ’19 […]

How Pharma Executives View Drug Pricing

The cost and affordability of drugs has been a central theme permeating the pharmaceutical industry for decades. Drugs are believed to be too expensive for patients to cover at the counter, even for those who are insured. The sentiment shared is by both Republicans and Democrats. The high cost of drugs can have significant repercussions, […]

Air Travel or Healthcare Mega-Mergers: Same Impact on Customers

The health insurance shakeup continues, and last week’s $37 billion merger of health insurance titans Humana and Aetna is the latest in a wave of deal-making that is likely to reduce the number of large U.S. health insurers from five to three. In addition to the Aetna/Humana merger, Anthem and Cigna have acknowledged discussions about […]

Connected Health Trend Countdown: #1 Health Plans Go B2C

Here it is. After 5 weeks of the Connected Health Trend countdown for 2014 we bring you: Trend #1: Health Plans go Business to Consumer Are you at all surprised that the top trend is brought to you by the health insurance industry? Are you even more surprised that this is only the second time […]

The Most Compelling Case for Building Member Loyalty

I’ve been working on some projects lately where I am giving advice to health plans attempting to take advantage of market forces and grow their member loyalty strategies in kind. It’s not only my job to know our own target market (them) but also to be intimately familiar with their target market (you) as well. […]