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AI Ethics have been agreed upon in the EU

The EU Has Released Guidelines for AI Ethics

It’s here. The European Union (EU) has officially declared AI as an important constituent of their economic growth and have put forth rules and guidelines to “trust” the AI system. Does this mean that the EU is trying to instill “human values” into AI? I don’t think so. The requirements that are defined for AI […]

User Experience Research Should Be Anonymous

Unless your name is James Bond, you might not want your name applied to everything you do. Ethical guidelines for UX research The importance of ethics in user experience (UX) research cannot be understated. UX research ethics are in place to protect your participants, but they also serve another very important purpose. You want to […]

Sustainability Is More Important Than Ever In Pharma

The business of sustainability remains an important aspect of pharmaceutical and medical device companies for a number of reasons. A recent report from the Boston Consulting Group found that pharmaceutical companies that have more ethical operations are more profitable and valued than their competitors. In fact, to reduce the risks associated with environmental, social, and […]

Top 10 Most Reputable U.S. Banks

Reputation Institute, a research and advisory firm that focuses on tackling and analyzing the reputation of companies worldwide, released its annual ranking of the most reputable U.S. banks. According to the report (and a basic understanding of human nature!), a company’s reputation has an effect on: Customers buying your products and services Policymakers and regulators […]

Can Search Get Too Personal?

The following article caught my attention this afternoon: The UX Of Ethics: Should Google Tell You If You Have Cancer? “If I’m on a park bench, and I’m next to someone, and I hear them talking about symptoms of cancer, am I obligated to turn around and tell them they might have cancer?” … artificial intelligence products […]

Your Browser is Your New Computer: Google Chrome – the New OS?

Google Chrome Notebook Order. Yours. Now? Due out on June 15th, 2011. What it is: It is a notebook that is essentially a mobile device – uses 3G, mobile data networks, wi-fi It only has the google Chrome browser installed 8 second bootup Cloud-based data storage and syncing – log in from anywhere – your […]

Plain Language and User Experience

Recently I attended Ginny Redish’s Plain language, Web Sites, Documents, and UX: You can do all that!, event hosted by the Usability Professional Association (UPA), DC Chapter. As usual, when I attend dc events like IXDA and other miscellaneous UX meetups, I am usually the anomaly visual designer in the room. The thing that I enjoyed […]

Ethical Frameworks For Behavioral Design

I had the privilege to present at SxSW this year in Austin, TX. This was my first year attending SxSW and my first chance at presenting on such a large scale. Ethical Frameworks For Behavioral Design provided practical ethical frameworks for designs that effect human behavior, and gives guidance to designers on how to use these […]