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Google Keyword

What Is Keyword Density?

Updated 6 February 2017 – originally published 2011 You may have heard that you need to be concerned about keyword density. What is it? Keyword density is a measurement of the percentage of occurrences of a given keyword (or phrase) on a page out of all the words on a page. For example, if you have a […]


Richard Baxter’s Full Input to Majestic – OSE Shootout

Richard Baxter is the founder of SEO Gadget, an SEO agency specializing in large site architecture, conversion rate optimization (CRO), keyword research, technical SEO, infographics, content development and most of all, link building in competitive industries. Catch him speaking at Mozcon on the 26th of July. 1. Freshness of data (delay between link being detected […]


Secrets to Success on Digg

One of the early sessions at SMX Social Media was the session titled: “Extra! Extra! The Social News Sites. This session feature Neil Patel, Tamar Weinberg, and Chris Winfield as speakers. They all did an excellent job in providing an overview plus some great detail on how to work with the social news sites. This […]

Robots.txt and Robots Metatags

Want to control those pesky bots? There are techniques available to help you control what they crawl, and what they index. This article will discuss the basics and point you at some resources for more information. Robots.txt Overview The most basic technique is the “robots.txt” file. This file allows you to tell search engine robots […]


Page Rank Demystified

The Page Rank Algorithm Google Page Rank is a system used by Google for measuring the number and quality of links onto a web site. Originally defined in a thesis by the Google founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Page Rank has become the source of much confusion and myth. Many webmasters and SEOs are […]


What do Search Engines want?

Some readers may be thinking that this is the wrong question. Many webmasters focus on the question “How do I get as much traffic as possible from search engines?” It turns out that for “real businesses” (as opposed to Spam sites) that are looking to grow their business for the long term that you need […]


Writing for the Web

Overview Writing effectively for search engines is, at first blush, not much different from writing effectively for any other medium. Certainly, many key guidelines remain the same, such as writing well-structured paragraphs centered around one key idea. One overarching guideline is that the best way to write for search engines is to write for real […]

Video Search Engine Optimization (Video SEO)

This article will outline tips for optimizing your video files to get traffic to your web site. Video search optimization is in its infancy, but it’s growing rapidly. As more and more users get broadband access, video’s usage level will grow even further. In addition, more and more web sites are simply shoving video in […]

Majestic OSE Shootout

There are a number of tools available in the market today that provide backlink data for websites. The two most well-known ones are Open Site Explorer (OSE) and Majestic SEO. But which is better? I decided to dig in and try to get an answer to that question. It then occurred to me that the […]

12 Cool Things you can do with Unica’s Affinium NetInsight

Next up in our series of cool things about analytics article series, is Unica’s Affinium NetInsight. This package is packed with power, yet is simple to use, is easy to install, and is also available on demand. To get a better understanding of some of the key capabilities of this tool, I spoke with Akin […]

Metatags and SEO

The role of metatags is misunderstood by some members of the webmaster community. I still have people who are not in the business come up to me and talk about SEO as if it’s all about picking keywords metatags. I try not to cringe when I get into these discussions. I once had an idea […]


Link Building Strategies – 8 Basic Techniques for getting links

Linking is one of the most important components of increasing traffic to your web site. Here are 8 simple methods to get links to your site: Links are a contract term: Any time you sign a contract with a new business partner, include in the agreement a requirement that they must link to your site. […]

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