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Data Indiscretions

Data loaded into a TM1 or SPSS model will, in most cases, include files consisting of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of records. It is not reasonable, given the number of fields and records in files of this size, for you to visually inspect all fields in every record (of every file) for missing or […]

Transforming Data with Loop and Vector

As promised, today I am sharing the fundamentals of using the LOOP and VECTOR in a SPSS Syntax script. LOOP LOOP is a common programming concept – it simply allows you to apply or execute the same script commands for an identified number of times without having to recode them.   VECTOR A VECTOR is […]

Interoperability and PMML

If you work within the rapidly expanding analytics space, you will need to think about defining and sharing statistical models between applications. PMML (or Predictive Model Markup Language) is an XML-based language developed by the Data Mining Group (DMG) for this purpose. I’d like to pass on some of the essentials: The Basics PMML provides […]