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Justin Racine named CMSWire contributor of the year.

Justin Racine Named A 2023 CMSWire Contributor of the Year

Perficient’s Principal of Unified Commerce Justin Racine was recently named one of CMSWire’s Contributors of the Year. CMSWire is a leading community of CX professionals, whose goal is to advance its members via high-impact knowledge and quality content. The Contributor of the Year recognition is awarded to authors whose articles greatly resonated with the CMSWire […]

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Perficient’s Sitecore Personalize Decision Model Workshop

In the Art of War, Sun Tzu claimed “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” When it comes to personalization, all too often organizations employ tactics alone, despite a ton of effort being fed into strategic initiatives including customer journey mapping, persona development and user research. When it comes time to apply those strategic […]

Why governing Yammer vs. SharePoint represents an about-face

Yesterday may have been Ground Hog Day, but unlike the movie, I’m happy to report no time loop (although there was a lot of snow for some of us). Aside from the freshly fallen snow, there was also fresh new content over on CMSWire, thanks in part to my colleague Rich Wood and his article […]

The Changing Nature of Search

CMSWire has a thought provoking article about the “Changing Nature of Search” The author Gerry McGovern notes that search changes over time and changes based on our behavior with applications and sites.  Once we find a site to apply to a specific task like cheap airfare, then we stop hitting Google or Bing for example. […]

Microsoft’s about-face: Sitecore for public-facing internet sites

Earlier today, published an article written by my colleague, Rich Wood. Rich heads up our modern applications team here at Perficient, and he’s basically a gold mine of information when it comes to enterprise solutions for intranets, extranets, and public internet sites. Thankfully, he likes to share that knowledge with the rest of us […]

The future of enterprise collaboration from @RichOtheWood

On Wednesday, published an article written by my colleague, Rich Wood. Rich’s writing always leaves a lasting impression on me. Perhaps it’s his ability to incorporate subtle humor into his articles and blog posts, or his passion for the topic at hand. In his latest article, The Future of Collaboration is Right Under Our […]

Yammer = Extranet 2.0 : SharePoint Conference 2014 and CMSWire

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how a little-known feature of Yammer is poised to change the face of the Extranet workload as we know it.  The External Network isn’t new, and it’s not a separate product– it’s simply another way to use Yammer, but this time with people outside of your organization. We traditionally […]

Yammer and Office vs. “SharePoint for End-Users” on CMSWire

Long before Microsoft acquired Yammer, I was impressed with the usability of the latter enterprise social tool.  Granted, they looked (and still look) more or less like Facebook, but that sort of stealing is brilliant stealing.  After all, these days pretty much everyone uses Facebook, so when new users log into Yammer for the first time, […]

What Works for Social Sharing

I was reading an article on CMSWire about HootSuite and Compendium teaming up to improve social marketing.  If you are not aware of either HootSuite or Compendium, briefly, HootSuite provides tools to manage your messaging on social networks and Compendium helps create content. What struck me in the article is an infographic provided by Compendium […]

CMS Wire on SharePoint as a Development Platform

Erin Eschen Moloney (@erine) made me aware of this post by Symon Garfield on CMWire’s site.  Symon has been posting a variety of article about SharePoint success and in this post he turns to SharePoint as a Development Platform.   I like a lot of what he says but the following quote is my favorite as […]