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Forrester Predicts Cloud Market Shifts in 2020

Forrester has released its anticipated yearly predictions for cloud computing, giving businesses something to consider as they enter 2020. Cloud has seen many shifts in recent years, going from a place to collaborate, to somewhere to store personal information and then software, and finally to what it is today – a collection of tools that […]

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Cloud Resource Security – Shared Responsibility Model

In my previous post on Cloud Resources – Policy and Practice, I referenced the “shared security model” adopted by all cloud providers. In this post, we will dive deeper into the differences and consequences of sharing the responsibility for securing computing resources, applications, data, and networks. Whether your organization is extending into cloud-based resources or […]

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How Cloud Brings Improved Security

The following is the sixth blog in a series about why businesses are moving to the cloud to modernize and improve business performance. Cloud’s capabilities are far reaching and impact the whole business. While many have heard of the speed and agility that cloud enables and the innovation that allows, cloud’s capabilities go beyond that. […]

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DevSecOps in the Cloud – Policy and Practice

Cloud computing is now ubiquitous throughout the software development industry.  There are many cloud service providers offering everything from ‘bare-metal’ virtual servers to complete server-less computing platforms.  The speed by which computing resources can be reserved and instantiated is a major contributing factor to the success of DevOps, where repeatability and automation is central.  However, […]

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6 Reasons to Use Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory, commonly known as Azure AD, is “Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service.1” It is a widely used IDaaS (identity and access management-as-a-service) that can integrate with an existing (or new) MVC-style web application, Web API, mobile app, and more to provide quick and easy authentication. I am no salesman (although it […]

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Security in the Age of Cloud Computing

As a former CIO, I believe the most important aspect of an IT organization’s job is to protect their IT infrastructure and data that resides within it through advanced security. While it is obviously important to implement new technologies and applications, if the environment is not safe then nothing else matters. Part of this responsibility […]

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Cloud Migration Considerations in Healthcare

In my previous blogs I discussed a variety of non-traditional technology delivery methods including outsourcing and utilization of cloud-based service offerings. My last blog focused on the cloud and that, while healthcare is historically slower than most industries to implement newer technical trends, cloud services in one form or another are used by most providers […]

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Cloud Infrastructure Challenges Within Healthcare Data

The amount of data being produced/collected is growing exponentially and is predicted to reach 35 zettabytes by 2020. Instead of every company owning and maintaining physical servers, cloud infrastructure has become a popular alternative. Health care organizations require continuous innovation in order to remain cost effective, competent and timely to provide high-quality services. Industry experts encouraging adoption of cloud infrastructure can be solution for being cost-effective and securely manage data whether for […]

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5 Tips to Avoid a Cloud Security Crisis

The main public cloud providers have demonstrated success at keeping their services resilient and available, showing no signs of buckling under attack. Nonetheless, the risk of attacks and downtime are always present and costly. Moreover, the cloud reduces the scope of required traditional security work, but doesn’t eliminate it. Moving workloads to the cloud doesn’t […]

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3 iPaaS Considerations for Your IT Ecosystem

Even with a flurry of new technologies attracting technology investment, there is still value in legacy applications, particularly in the realm of security and data. Integration has even made its way into the mainstream, attracting interest from research firm Forrester, dubbed as Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Forrester defines iPaaS as: A suite of […]

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How to Ensure Cloud Stability in 2017

Organizations adopting the cloud are beginning to notice the maturity of their investments, particularly as use cases begin to surface throughout their business. Growth in cloud spending is also moving in line with these realizations: Research firm Gartner predicts nearly $1 trillion dollars in spending on cloud-related IT spending through 2022. The increase in cloud […]

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Governance imperatives for Cloud Data

Today’s Cloud solutions range from platform services to full-blown ERP holding the key to Enterprise Information. It is very easy to get carried away and forget the efforts of creating the Enterprise Data and existing Analytical capabilities. Getting rid of the cost of managing the HW/SW and other Operational expenses is only part of the […]

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5 Most Secure Enterprise Cloud Apps

CRN has an article about Netskope, a startup security policy firm, who reviewed and ranked enterprise cloud apps.  Here’s the quick list: Salesforce Box Crashplan Amazon Web Services Easy Vista   While some you may not have seen before, others like Amazon and Salesforce already garner many headlines.  As I review a lot of options […]

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