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Perficient’s Amazon Connect Team – Ben Yoo

As a member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, Perficient combines cloud expertise with the power of AWS to enable quick access to innovative technologies. Clients can spend more time on their core business competencies and less time worrying about the technology behind it. A product within the Amazon Web Services platform, Amazon Connect creates powerful customer service […]

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Six Trends Moving the Needle in Customer Care: AI, VCAs, Chatbots

Consumers are digitally savvy, well informed, and more demanding than ever. Not investing in resources that digitally transform customer care will become a competitive disadvantage. This series explores six technology trends for delivering smarter and more strategic customer care. Trend #4: AI, VCAs, Chatbots: The Future of Customer Care If you’re tasked with evolving your firm’s customer […]

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Perficient Elevates Twilio to Strategic Partner Status

Perficient is excited to announce that Twilio has been designated a Strategic Partner. This designation comes as our partnership with Twilio continues to strengthen and build momentum. Case in point, following Twilio’s general availability release of Flex in October 2018, excitement for their fully programmable cloud contact center platform has rapidly increased. It’s little wonder, as […]

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Three Keys to Creating a Successful Support Team

When customers have a problem, call center agents are the front line of defense. In addition to using the right technology to enable them for success, make sure you have the right team to start with. Here are three ways you can create a successful support team that will service your customers with grace and […]

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Top Technology Trends for Smarter, Strategic Customer Care

Whether its online, in-store, or multichannel, customer experience (CX) is a key differentiator for businesses. Extending beyond the front-end purchase experience, CX encompasses the total journey of a customer’s interactions with your brand. Customer care, how well customers are taken care of while they interact with your brand, is a giant piece of the customer […]

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Building the Brand Experience in Call Centers [INFOGRAPHIC]

How customers engage and interact with brands is becoming the biggest focus for those who want to stay ahead of their competition in 2019 and beyond. If you’re in a crowded marketplace and your prices are competitive, what more can you really offer? A better customer experience. It’s become paramount. When it comes to making a […]

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Invoking Lambda Functions with Amazon Connect

Amazon is continuing to release new features for Amazon Connect at a rapid clip. In this blog post I will take a deeper look at a new change to the contact flow configuration page that can make integrating with Lambda significantly easier. I will also detail some of the downsides you should be aware of […]

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Using AWS to Host a Custom Agent Console part 2

In a previous blog post we looked at the steps necessary to set up a custom agent console. We walked through uploading a page to S3 and configuring a CloudFront distribution which can be whitelisted and then used with Amazon Connect. To keep things simple we didn’t dive into CloudFront settings, many of which can […]

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Callback or Voicemail: What’s the Best CX for Your Contact Center?

Hello, 1980 called, they want their Voicemail back… In the 70s we started using Voicemail in the work place, it gained momentum and reached popularity in the 80s but by 2012 it was in decline. (Information found on Google!) While businesses grow and evolve; they find more effective ways to communicate in the moment and […]

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Create a Basic Agent Console with Queue Metrics

In a previous blog post we covered the steps necessary to host a static website within AWS, more specifically how to deploy a custom agent console that can load in contact attributes. Today we will look at how we can use the Connect API to enhance this custom agent console with live data from the […]

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Transform Customer Service with Watson Assistant

Millennials have become the largest group of consumers in the United States. And organizations should take note. This shift has introduced the consumer market with a generation of people who are more digitally connected and more demanding than ever. Consumers expect an unprecedented level of 24x7x365 customer service and many enterprises are failing to meet […]

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Building More Intelligent Lex Bots with Lambda Integration

In a previous blog post we covered the basics of how Amazon Connect can use Lex bots to collect details from the caller and fulfill a simple task such as sending an e-mail or a text message.  By using a Lambda function within the fulfillment code hook of a bot we can trigger pretty much […]

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Hang Up on IVR and Switch to a Cognitive Virtual Agent

If your call center is still relying on an interactive voice response (IVR) system, then you may not be delivering the customer service your consumers expect (Millennials in particular). Customers are becoming more digitally connected than ever. And with this hyper-connectivity comes their demand for unprecedented levels of 24x7x365 customer service. Customers want to engage […]

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Using AWS to Host a Custom Agent Console

While not directly related to core Amazon Connect functionality, there are many reasons to familiarize yourself with how to host your own static website in AWS. Creating a basic website your supervisors can use to check the holiday calendar set up via Lambda and DynamoDB or hosting your custom agent console are just two examples […]

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4 Ways to Improve Your Amazon Connect Contact Flows

One of the most powerful features available within Amazon Connect is the visual contact flow editor. Within Amazon Connect contact flows are not just used for interactive menus, they allow supervisors to dynamically update the settings for each call entering the system and make sure callers hear personalized and relevant options. This is an area […]

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Building an Amazon Connect Holiday Calendar in 4 Easy Steps

Between calendars, the check queue status node as well as the capacity settings for each queue, Amazon Connect administrators have several options to handle a busy work day. However, there are some scenarios where the routing behavior needs to be customized beyond these out of the box options. One example would be setting up a […]

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Setting up Callbacks within Amazon Connect

When configuring the call center experience administrators should keep in mind that long wait times will invariably lead to dropped calls and frustrated customers. An easy way to make sure your callers don’t have to wait on hold for a long time when no agents are available is to make use of the callback feature. […]

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Best practices on using Amazon Connect metrics

Depending on the use case call centers can rely on very different KPI’s for reporting. What can be a key metric for an inbound call center often turns out to be merely a nice-to-have if the call center focuses on quick outbound calls. In the end probably the most important reporting feature for a call […]

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How to Set Up Amazon Connect Call Flows for SMS Alerts

In the last post related to Amazon Connect we walked through the steps necessary to set up an SNS topic and write a Lambda function that will send a text message to this topic. Now it’s time to take a look at Connect contact flows and set up a call flow menu that will make […]

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How to Set Up Amazon Connect SMS Alerts Using AWS Services

Earlier this year Amazon announced Connect, a new contact center service available within AWS. Amazon Connect offers the ability to set up a cloud based call center and start routing calls within minutes. Making use of configurable hours of operation, queue capacity settings and custom routing profiles Connect makes it easy to ensure callers will […]

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