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4 Crucial Benefits of Agile Project Management for Healthcare Providers and Payers

Healthcare organizations (HCOs) are doubling down on business resiliency, cost optimization, and better experiences for their consumers and employees. To operationalize the important tasks at hand, many of these teams are adopting more modern, Agile methods to streamline and speed that progress. And importantly, health plans and systems increasingly rally digital, IT, and marketing teams […]

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9 Healthcare Trends For 2024

Our experts are closely monitoring nine healthcare trends that are shaping industry leaders’ strategies in 2024. And this year is especially interesting, because some of the biggest and fastest healthcare industry shifts in decades are happening right now. As such, forward-looking healthcare organizations (HCOs) that are on-track to differentiate their brand in the modern marketplace […]

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10 Ways Agile Supports Product-Driven Healthcare

The shift from a project to a product mindset is particularly relevant for health insurers and healthcare providers as they aim to enhance their agility, responsiveness, and consumer-centric focus. Agile methodologies play a crucial role in facilitating and supporting this transition in the healthcare industry. Agile’s role in product-driven healthcare Continuous Improvement in Healthcare Services: […]

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Is Your Healthcare Digital Organization Really Product-Driven?

Digital organizations in health payers and providers strive to enhance value for their patients and members. And the stakes are high for these consumers. After all, healthcare decisions impact health, wallet, and emotional well-being. That means digital experiences become an important opportunity to positively fill gaps – both before and after care is received. What […]

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Unpacking Business Transformation in Healthcare and Life Sciences

In our previous article, we illuminated the significance of business transformation for life sciences and healthcare organizations (LS/HCOs). We delved into the anticipated value and pivotal roles these initiatives play in shaping a modern healthcare environment.  Today, we unpack the steps LS/HCOs can take to actualize business transformation and the inherent challenges they might grapple […]

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Navigating Agile in Healthcare

Understanding: What is Agile?  Agile is a set of principles and practices for project management and product development that emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, customer-centricity, and adaptability to change. The key principles of Agile include valuing individuals and interactions over processes and tools, working software (or deliverables) over comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration over contract negotiation, and responding […]

Business Transformation in Healthcare and Life Sciences

The term “business transformation” in healthcare and life sciences signifies more than just an industry trend. It represents a comprehensive shift. Beyond the mere adoption of new technologies, it’s about strategically reimagining healthcare delivery, with an emphasis on enhancing outcomes and ensuring the sustainable success of life sciences and healthcare organizations.  What Really Lies Behind […]