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Help Your Customers Help Themselves – A Self-Service Toolbox

Ahhhhh, the soothing sounds of Muzak in my ear as I wait on yet another level of ‘automated’ phone service. All the while I’m wondering, did I choose the right selection? The lady at the beginning said I was supposed to listen closely because the selections might have changed. What if I wind up with […]

Cloud Trends in 2019: Unlocking Your Data

The following blog comes from an interview with Perficient’s Azure Practice Director, Steve Holstad, and is part of a series on cloud trends with experts from within Perficient. Businesses have a lot of data. This isn’t news. However, the sheer amount of data that businesses have can even surprise them. This is because old models […]

How Bots & AI Will Impact Customer Journeys in B2B

I just ordered a pizza for dinner with a few taps on my phone, and the delivery driver should be here anytime. It’s amazing how we are automating nearly everything around us, empowering end-users to achieve a wide range of tasks with minimum effort. New Horizons for Customer Service The customer service industry has joined […]

How bots can improve health plans' customer-member experience

5 Ways Bots Can Boost Health Plans’ Customer-Member Experience

Customer experience is predicted to overtake product and price as the No. 1 differentiator among businesses by 2020, according to “Customers 2020: A Progress Report” by Walker, a customer experience consulting firm. We’re finding organizations are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to meet growing consumer demands. Health plans cannot afford to miss this opportunity to […]

How Bots are Improving Consumer, Member, and Patient Interactions

The practical development and deployment of bots has accelerated in the last year within healthcare. bots are playing a role in the improvement of consumer-member-patient interactions with providers as well as health plans by enhancing customer service support, supporting wellness programs for patients with chronic conditions, and an array of other applications. Additionally, bots make […]

5 Suggestions + a Warning: Make Bot Content Do Your Heavy Lifting

You’ve heard about bots. You’ve even chatted with a bot—even if you didn’t know it. But do you know how to make a bot work for you? Bots, algorithms, machine learning, AI… whatever you call it, these are driving how you sell to and engage with customers. These are the “people” you chat with in […]

Facebook Tells Insurer It’s Not OK To Leverage Users’ Posts For Pricing

A recent Financial Times article discussed how Admiral, a UK-based insurance company, was planning to leverage Facebook data to offer policy discounts. “The way you write and the things you post online are shaped by your personality,” an Admiral employee said. “An overconfident person will use phrases such as ‘always,’ ‘never,’ and exclamation marks rather […]

[Next Week] Incorporating Digital Tech Into Clinical Trials

Innovative mobile technologies are continuously being introduced, and savvy life sciences organizations are taking note. Many of these technologies have the potential to drastically reduce the time and cost of clinical trials, from subject recruitment to data collection, not to mention likely create a boost in patient engagement. Examples of using digital technologies in clinical […]