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Taxonomy: The Lifeblood of Site Search

I have found myself talking about taxonomy a lot recently. Taxonomy is a big job in a website project, but it’s something stakeholders may not consider early enough in an implementation project. I refer to taxonomy as a big job not only because it can be a lot of work, but also because it is […]

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Retrieval Augmented Generation: How Businesses Benefit from Dynamic Adaptation

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, businesses are constantly seeking ways to harness the full potential of large language models (LLMs) to improve their services and engage with customers more effectively. One innovative solution that has emerged to address the challenge of handling newer, more current, or private internal data is Retrieval Augmented […]

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What Makes Search “Search”? The Anatomy of Modern Search Solutions

Search is something we all use nearly every day, and it modifies our lives for the better. In less than 20 years since the public launch of Google, how we find information has changed dramatically. Thanks to modern search, we don’t have to remember facts as much because we know we can “Google it,” and […]

Coveo Impact 2019 – Relevance is rising and driving experiences

Louis Tetu, Chairman, and CEO of Coveo kicked off Coveo Impact 2019, which is their annual conference. Louis started by claiming that being “digital” is not enough. Companies need to transform to be more Relevant. An irrelevant experience will cause people to look elsewhere, because 76% of consumers are willing to switch to a better […]

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AI-Powered Search at Coveo Impact 2019

Coveo Impact is where customers and partners come together to share and learn how AI-powered search provides real business value. This year the cognitive search-focused conference will be held in San Francisco May 22-24, 2019. The Coveo Impact 2019 agenda is packed full of educational sessions that focus on how to improve relevance to support […]