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Futuristic Circuit Board Render With Bokeh Effects

How Creative Content Automation in AEMaaCS is Speeding Up Content Delivery – Part 1

Overview A few years ago, Adobe introduced a feature of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service which reduces the amount of time it takes to produce creative assets. This work is typically done by Creative groups and involves some manual steps and operations before having a completed, web-ready set of assets to release to […]

Data Transfer Cloud Computing Technology Concept. There Is A Large Prominent Cloud Icon In The Center With Internal Connections. And Small Icon On Abstract World Map Polygon With Dark Blue Background.

Automatic Updates in AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS)

AEM Version Updates Adobe uses a continuous release model in AEM as a cloud service. This means the application is auto updating on an ongoing basis. There are two types of updates: Feature Releases – these are done on a predictable monthly schedule and are focused on new capabilities. Maintenance Releases – these can be […]

AEM as a Cloud Service Architectural Changes

AEM as a Cloud Service – Top 10 Architectural Changes

AEM as a Cloud Service delivers personalized, content-led experiences for customers, allowing businesses to expand. With rapid time-to-value, cloud-native solutions can be tailored to meet ever expanding business requirements. From on-premises to cloud a lot has changed. Let’s discuss 10 architectural changes within AEM as a Cloud Service. 1. Asset Processing In older versions of […]

AEM dispatcher security

How Good is your AEM Security? – AEMaaCS and 3rd Party Dependencies

Large scale data breaches and critical security vulnerabilities have companies thinking about security more than ever.  Many developers are familiar with the OWASP top 10 (  There are already many resources on generic mitigation for these vulnerabilities.  So instead, in this series, I cover security issues and mitigations specific to AEM.  In this final post, […]