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How IBM Cloud Transforms How We Eat

Food brings friends, families, and colleagues together. With warmer weather and days that stretch deeper into the evenings ahead of us, there will be many opportunities for us to cook and entertain for guests. On many of these upcoming occasions, we’ll want to be conscious in what we are preparing and provide a variety of […]

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The End of IT?

A few years ago Adrian Cockcroft, cloud architect at Netflix at the time, posted this blog which caused quite a stir among the IT community. It described how Netflix had almost done away with DevOps (or even plain Ops) using the cloud (AWS in this case) to come up with yet another new IT buzzword called NoOps. Many […]

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Azure: Did You Know? Virtual Machine Config Management – DevOps

By now you’ve heard the term DevOps. (If not, Wikipedia’s definition works.) So what tools are available to me in the Microsoft Azure environment to support DevOps? Azure Virtual Machines have a variety of built-in extensions that can enable configuration management. There are two extensions for Windows Powershell. The custom script extension allows you to […]

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Anglebrackets Conference – Day 2

I have been fortunate to attend this year’s Anglebrackets conference in Las Vegas. (See my coverage of Day 1 here.) The following are my notes from the Day 2 keynote, The Integration of Technologies with Office 365. The speaker: Rob Leffers, the director of program management for the Office 365 apps team. Agenda – Our vision – […]

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Creating First SSRS Report – Part 2

In this post, we are going to create our first report in SSRS.  Excited? Let’s get started. In order to create a report, we need 2 things: 1.)    Data source: Here, you make connection to your database in Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, Teradata, etc. 2.)    Dataset: Here, you choose your table you want to create […]

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Changes in Healthcare – Integration or Replacement?

The next several years will be an acute period for the inclusion of innovative medical practices, technological advancements, and efficiency of information systems. Previous periods of change in healthcare were based on expanded knowledge, organizational development, and collaborative ventures. However, present and future iterations are deeply reliant on the shared partnerships with industries outside of […]

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Should You Create Your Own Mobile App Store?

I’ve been thinking about this a while as I look at a variety of company’s create their own mobile apps and then struggle to manage the app itself and how to make a set of apps available on different platforms like Android and iOS.  I have clients who are actively looking at vendor hosted options […]

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