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Cathy Zhang

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QA Solution for SharePoint Upgrade

1. Goals for testing upgrades As SharePoint gets stronger and stronger, SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016 have more new features and abilities. Enterprise can provide more functionality to business users with less customization and at a lower cost. According to the upgrading solutions, QA strategy needs to ensure that sites are upgraded seamlessly at first, […]

Page Object and Page Factory Pattern Based UI Automated Testing

1.      Introduction The Page Object Model (POM) is a very important pattern in selenium webdriver. It can also be applied to most of UI automated testing, even with other tools like UFT, Appium and so on. Page Factory is an inbuilt and optimized concept of POM. Page Factory can be used in many frameworks such […]

Enable Continuous Delivery with Layered Testing Approach

1.      Automated Testing is a key success factor for “Continuous Delivery” Continuous delivery takes the idea of continuous integration and advances it one step further. Automated testing is an extremely important middle step to realize continuous delivery. With continuous delivery, the code is not only integrated with changes on a regular basis, but it is […]

Accurate Functional Test Based Code Coverage

1.      Functional Test Coverage Requirement coverage is always used to track test case design quality, but this traceability can’t get the coverage of acceptance criterion in code. After the test case execution, how many branches or lines of code are executed? How do you improve test cases or test data design with quantified indicators? Functional test […]

Serenity and Cucumber Make Automation Testing Vivid

Do product owners and business analysts complain about complex testing scripts when you work through acceptance criteria together? Do you stress about maintaining the complex testing framework? Do you write codes to generate a better HTML report?  A good automated testing framework can be used by testers and business people without programming skills. It’s also […]

How to Get an HTTP Cookie for Web Service Authorization in SoapUI

A web service may need credentials to allow a client to make a request call to the report server. The authorization method depends on the security settings for your report server. SoapUI is a popular web service testing tool, and testers need to send authentication information in SoapUI to the server before testing target requests. […]

Generate Performance Testing Report with JMeter-Plugins and Ant

JMeter is a popular open source performance test tool. However, its shortage of comprehensive report functionality, affects performance test result analysis, e.g., performance monitor of server, hits per second, response code over time, and so on. This paper will introduce how to create more analysis reports in both JMeter GUI Mode and Non GUI mode.