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Create a Scheduled Task in Sitecore

Dependency Injection

Sitecore has a feature called scheduled tasks that allows you to schedule routine tasks like triggering some emails in an interval or scheduling the publishing of an item etc. It is a straightforward approach to run code logic at defined intervals.

Sitecore Scheduled Task Step-by-Step

We can configure scheduled tasks in Sitecore under the location /Sitecore/System/Tasks.

Sitecore Task SchedularThere are two types of Sitecore items in the Sitecore content tree, or two components, that make up task scheduling.

  1.  Commands-This is the logic (code) that must be execute when the scheduler executes the TASK.
  2.  Schedules-This contains information on when a command should be called, at what time interval, and when it was last run.

There are three steps to creating and scheduling tasks:

Step 1: Write the Code to be Executed

Example: We have created a class called SendReminderEmail and a method called Execute within it.

The following method is called each time the scheduler runs within a specified interval, and the code it contains is executed.

CodeschedulerPlease write your logic based on your requirements.

Step 2: Creating a Command

Create a new command named SendReminderEmail using the template from the path – /sitecore/templates/System/Tasks/Command.

Scheduler Command

Enter the assembly-qualified type in the Type field and the method name in the Method field.


Step 3: Creating a Scheduler

We have two kinds of schedulers:

  1. Powershell Scripted Task Scheduler
  2. Schedule

Sitecore Scheduler offers a PowerShell Scripted Task Scheduler option if we need to run PowerShell scripts as schedulers refer the article Create a Scheduled Task to Run PowerShell Script with Sitecore Task Scheduler / Blogs / Perficient

In this, we’ll create a schedule.



Create a  new scheduler named SendReminderEmailSheduler using a template from the path – /sitecore/templates/System/Tasks/Scheduler.


Fill out the content section with information for the newly created scheduler.

  1. Command field: Select/Specify the command path. (Command created in the earlier step)
  2. Schedule field: Specify the time, i.e., how frequently the job should run.
  3. Items field: This is where we declare the Sitecore items array if we wish to populate it in our class method.
  4. Last Run: Indicates the previous run date/time value.
  5. Async field: By checking this box, the command will run asynchronously
  6. Auto remove field: We can use this field to remove the schedule definition item automatically when the task expires.

There will be several piped (|) values in the Schedule field.
Date of Start: 20230203, Date of expiration: 99990101

Below are the days of the week: Calculate based on the number of days in the week.

  • Sunday = 1
  • Monday = 2
  • Tuesday = 4
  • Wednesday = 8
  • Thursday = 16
  • Friday = 32
  • Saturday = 64

Assume I want to run the job every day. It will be (1+2+4+8+16+32+64) = 127 (Sunday + Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday + Friday + Saturday).

The task’s minimum run interval in HH.MM.SS format

The task is now scheduled to run at the specified intervals.

I hope you found this beneficial.

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