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IBM Pure App – Create VSP for Mobile First v7.0

IBM delivers Mobile First in a series of Virtual Application Pattern(VAP). Mobile First VAPs are a great way to implement mission critical Infrastructure. A VAP encapsulates the details of the infrastructure topology. The details of the build out are hidden from users and administrators. Basically not much can be tampered with so failure is keep to a minimum, which is great.  The IBM delivered VAPs(Mobile First, WODM, BPM … etc.) do have scaling policies built-in so they can be scaled to meet a Production load.

The issues some customers have with VAPs are the lack of control. For example VAPs do not expose the root user so OS changes are keep to zero. The number of virtual machines used with a VAP will not be known until deployment. This can lead to licensing issues.

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In this exercise we will build a virtual system pattern using Mobile First v7 and the base WAS and DB2 patterns that come with IBM Pure Application System. This will give the IT administrators full control of every level and aspect of the software stack and all system interconnections.


IBM Pure App – Create CustomVirtual System Pattern using for Mobile First v7

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