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Performance Optimization: Minify HTML in Znode 9.X Ecommerce Framework SDK

Speed is an important aspect of any website’s performance. Currently, there is a need for a solution to improve the upload speed of pages on ecommerce website. To address this, we created an elegant solution using MVC and C# language implemented (by removing the white space in our generated HTML) on the client of […]

So…You need a new website.

by David Hess Allow me to cut to the chase. You know you need a new website and do not need me to explain why. Your business stakeholders, your IT team, and that nagging voice in your head remind you on a daily basis that your site lacks speed, functionality, and no longer drives the […]

Znode and Sitecore form technical bond

Written by Alex Moss E-commerce & Content Management For years most companies looking to introduce or revamp a web presence have had to answer a fundamental question about that presence: “Do we want a content site or do we want an e-commerce site?” But what if they want the best of both worlds? Sure there […]