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Youtube Block Episerver Brainjocks@1x

Episerver YouTube Video Block

Video for Content Editors These days, every website has some video content. We wanted to make editing video easier for Epi content editors, so we created the YouTube Video block. This block is a feature of our new SCORE for Episerver platform, which launched in 2019. To create the best editor experience with on-page editing […]

AI and the Coming Media Transformation

This past Sunday, Hollywood celebrated the achievements of film with the 89th annual edition of the Oscars. What was once a small gathering in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel has now become a global extravaganza of glitz, glamour, and inspiration. While the Academy celebrated the latest achievements at the movies, they must also look forward. While […]

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YouTube Video Picker. Part 4 – XML Control

[su_note note_color=”#fafafa”]Now available in the Sitecore Marketplace[/su_note] This will be the last post in the series about creating a custom field type with support for Content and Page Editor (see part1, part2, and part3) Basics There are two main pieces to an XML control: Markup. It will be a simplification but think of it as […]

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YouTube Video Picker. Part 3 – Sitecore Citizenship

[su_note note_color=”#fafafa”]Now available in the Sitecore Marketplace[/su_note] In part 1 I mentioned the requirements for our custom field to become a law abiding Sitecore citizen. In part 2 I built a complete prototype of the YouTube video picker dialog that we will later convert to the XML control. It’s time to apply for passport. TL;DR […]

The Social Download | Promoted Pins, Related Tweets, and More

Your weekly social media news in byte size pieces. iOS7 is Stunning The biggest news for me this week was the launch of iOS7. It’s beautiful, addicting and has left my phone with lots to discover including  a major upgrade to the Facebook app. The new app is more intuitive for Apple users.  All of  the navigation […]

Stats on Video Use and SEO

Holly Nelson is guest blogging at IBM’s Social Business Insights blog.  She’s done a lot of research on consumer and business use of video.  It’s a two part post.  Check out day one and day two. I’m not going to repeat her entire post so it’s worth it to hit the pages just to get […]

Pause youtube video when another is played

Getting YouTube videos to PAUSE nice with each other I don’t know if YouTube had in mind for us to put more than one video on a page. It didn’t seem like it when I set out to make one player pause other videos when it was played. By the end I found that YouTube […]

YouTube’s Product Management Team Interviewed by Eric Enge

Our first interviewee, Tracy Chan is a Product Manager at YouTube. Prior to working at YouTube he was a Financial Analyst at Google. He has also worked as an Associate at Stockamp & Associates and a Corporate Strategy Intern at eBay. He got his degree at the University of California, San Diego. Our second interviewee, […]