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Dreamforce: YAHOO! CEO Marissa Mayer Keynote

They started off with a video of Leviev Diamonds and how they use Saleforce.  The following interview includes a story about a diamond heist.  They used the data in Salesforce to document the loss to the police. Mark Benioff also interviewed the CEO’s of Men’s Warehouse and Whole Foods.   Honestly, that’s quite the list […]

The Rebranding of Yahoo!

  Marissa Mayer has been making headlines across the web for her efforts in trying to turn around the Yahoo! brand. In February a memo was sent to all remote employees telling them to report to work…in an office. In May, the internet was buzzing with the purchase of Tumblr. This month, Marissa Mayer was […]

Yahoo! and using HTML5 and Javascript to Create Native Mobile Apps

We’ve written a number of times about the conundrum between having to write a native mobile app in iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows and just create a mobile ready web app.  No one wants to create 5 codes streams. It’s too much work.  Anyway, via slashdot comes a very interesting article about Yahoo! placing their […]

Shashi Seth, SVP Yahoo Search, Interviewed by Eric Enge

Shashi is the senior vice president of Search products at Yahoo!, responsible for leading the company’s efforts to invent a next-generation search experience. Shashi has deep expertise in the Internet and Search industries, having held leadership positions at Google, eBay, and AOL. Prior to his role with Yahoo!, he was the senior vice president of […]

Yahoo’s Dennis Mortensen Interviewed by Eric Enge

Dennis R. Mortensen is a pioneer and expert in the Analytics industry. He is an accredited Associate Web Analytics Instructor at the University of British Columbia, the Author of data-driven insights with Yahoo! Web Analytics, and a frequent speaker on the subject of analytics and online marketing. Mortensen is an Entrepreneur and was the COO […]

Larry Cornett Interviewed by Eric Enge

Dr. Larry Cornett is VP of the Yahoo Search consumer products division. In this capacity, he is primarily responsible for the Yahoo web search experience and heads up a multinational team of product managers, designers, and developers focused on creating a world-class search experience. Prior to this role, Dr. Cornett was a director at eBay, […]

Dennis Moretensen and Eric Enge talk about analytics, Yahoo! Web Analytics, and more

Dennis R. Mortensen is a pioneer and expert in the Web Analytics industry, having worked in the field of internet analysis and statistics since 1996. He is an accredited Associate Web Analytics Instructor – the University of British Columbia and a frequent speaker on the subject of analytics and online marketing. He was the COO […]

Frazier Miller and Shailesh Bhat Interview

Frazier Miller serves as the general manager for Yahoo! Local, one of the most visited local network of sites online. Bringing a strong background in product management, Frazier is responsible for setting overall strategy and prioritization for Yahoo! Local properties. He currently oversees all of the products that are core to Yahoo!’s ongoing local initiatives, […]

Eric Enge Interviews Yahoo’s Priyank Garg

Priyank Garg is the director of product management for Yahoo! Search Technology (YST), the team responsible for the functionality of Yahoo!’s Web search engine including crawling, indexing, ranking, summarizing and spelling Web search functions along with products for webmasters, such as Site Explorer. During his three years at Yahoo!, Priyank has led many highly-visible product […]

Eric Enge interviews Yahoo’s Andrew Tomkins

Andrew Tomkins is the Chief Scientist for Yahoo! Search. Andrew joined Yahoo! Research in 2005 from IBM. His research over the last eight years has focused on measurement, modelling, and analysis of content, communities, and users on the World Wide Web. Prior to joining Yahoo! Research, he managed the “Information Management Principles” group at IBM’s […]

Eric Enge Interviews Yahoo’s Tim Mayer

The following is the transcript of an interview of Tim Mayer, who is responsible for the product direction of Yahoo! Search Technology. Tim brings over 10 years of search experience to Yahoo! with previous roles at Overture, FASTSearch & Transfer, Inktomi and Thomson Corp. Tim was previously Vice President of Web Search Products at Overture […]

Tomi Poutanen talks about social media and the problems with algorithmic search

Tomi J Poutanen is the Senior Director of Product Management, Yahoo! Social Search. Tomi Poutanen directs the product management team overseeing Yahoo’s social search products Yahoo! Answers,, and Yahoo! Bookmarks. He has worked at Yahoo! since the company acquired Inktomi, a Web Search technology provider, in March 2003. While at Inktomi, Poutanen was the […]

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