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What’s the Deal with Yahoo Gemini?

As most all digital marketers already now, Microsoft & Yahoo renegotiated their search partnership last year, which changed how Yahoo serves the paid ads on their search results page. While they used to serve ads solely from the Bing Ads platform, they are now using ads from their own platform, as well as testing out […]

Tips for Moving Into Yahoo’s Gemini PPC Platform

I recently wrote about the new Bing-Yahoo search agreement and how PPC advertisers now need to transfer Bing Ads accounts over to Yahoo Gemini and manage both in order to continue displaying ads on Bing and Yahoo for all possible searches. As I have been doing just that for my own clients, I’m discovering that I’m […]

What PPCers Need to Know About the Bing/Yahoo Partnership Update

Back in 2010, Yahoo and Microsoft came together in a search partnership to essentially team up against their giant competitor Google. By partnering, search results on both websites would be run by the same system, Bing Ads. This was beneficial for PPC managers for many reasons. When the two accounts were separate, PPC managers had […]