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DataPower Playground for Gateway Script

XSLT is not the ONLY transformation language supported by DataPower. Starting with the firmware version, DataPower supports a new transformation technology – Gateway Script, to handle all sorts (API, B2B, Web, Mobile, SOA) of traffic effectively. For more information, please review the documentation. IBM provides an interactive website that lets you write Gateway Script code and execute on […]

DataPower’s handling of RESTful services via JSON

In the IBM DataPower world, JSON is the representational format used by the RESTful façade exposed by the appliance. Starting with firmware version 3.8, there has been a gradual increase in the number of ways that JSON payload is handled. DataPower services that will handle and process JSON messages include: Multi-Protocol Gateway (MPGW) XML Firewall Web […]

Localization of frontend customization

Google Search Appliance (GSA) frontend framework provides management of most of the elements for user search experience. Many times we need to customize the frontend to achieve a certain feel and HTML display for search results. Normally the changes can be done to the frontend directly via Admin Console and the GSA frontend framework can […]

The plumbing of expert search with Google Search Appliance

Expert Search is an important feature from Google Search Appliance (GSA). The default frontend provided out of the box support to Expert Search since 7.0. Here are a few major bullet points that involve Expert search configuration and result display. Configuration of Expert Search for frontend via Admin console (For 7.0, Social Connector → Expert […]

Where’s the beef of your Expert Search, GSA?

When customizing the XSLT stylesheet for Expert Search, I noticed many places where elements starting with /GSP/ExpertSearchConfig/ were referred. However, I have never found any Google document to explain them. From the usage of those elements in the XSLT stylesheet, they looked like the display layout configuration for Expert Search results. Given the fact that […]

GSA UI: Should I use the on-board XSLT engine?

Out of the Box The Google Search Appliance ships with a full-function — but no thrills — XSL template (XSLT) that we refer to as the ‘out of the box’ user interface.  It looks a little bit like did a few years ago – lots of blue and white, and very few graphics.  But […]

SP2013 Search –Display Templates Overview (Part 1)

“A Fond Farewell to .xslt” If you’re a SharePoint Search developer, or are heavily involved in Search in SharePoint, I believe that you will be pleasantly pleased with some of the changes that should make developing on the SharePoint 2013 platform simpler. However, the downside in this case is that all of that wonderful work […]

Randomize SharePoint List Items

Challenge   You have to show items from a SharePoint list in a random order. Maybe it’s a subset of data (or just one item). Maybe it’s everything, just returned in a random order.   Approach   You may think .NET code is necessary to make that work, but there’s a much easier approach. SharePoint’s […]

Using the XSLT List View Web Part to style your data – SP 2010

SharePoint 2010 has finally done away with displaying list data using CAML with the XSLT list view web part. Now you can take advantage of the flexibility that XSLT can offer you. This is not to say that you can’t use your previous CAML statements in SP 2010, they are still supported, but hopefully after […]