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Why you Should Consider Cloud Based Gifts this Holiday Season!

I’m a huge Cloud fan.  In my world, I want the device to function merely as an access point, a gateway to the myriad of experiences living in the Cloud can provide.  Lately, I’ve found myself explaining the how and why in many different settings, and to different people, but always with the same end […]

Xbox One as an App platform

With the newly released Xbox One, Microsoft has been very up front with their quest to take over your living room.  One of the main marketing pushes for the Xbox One is that it does more than play games.  It integrates with your cable box, it can multi-task  by snapping apps to the side (similar […]

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer on Xbox and the Cloud

Gameinformer has an interesting article on Xbox One.   The article covers many topics but I want to focus on just one.  Here’s what he has to say about the cloud capabilities.  See if it sounds familiar. “Both Kinect and Cloud as it relates to indie has been really interesting,” Spencer says. “If you’re a […]

XBox in Healthcare?

Obviously there’s a lot of excitement going on with the upcoming release of Xbox One.  Ryan Duclos has a new post out about it’s potential outside of gaming and entertainment which frankly is where my mind lies as well.  In my portal world, I seem to spend about 50% of my time with healthcare clients […]

Will Xbox One have potential outside of gaming and entertainment?

Will Xbox One be used in the workplace, is a question I ask myself as I see information come across the wire. The simple answer is Yes it will have value in the workplace in my opinion. At first glance it may not have a place in the enterprise, though I believe it will be […]