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Type tree creation using ITX Database Interface Designer

IBM Transformation Extender (ITX) is one of the most powerful data transformation product and its supportability of multiple protocols and routing capabilities has made it a unique product delivering flexibility in IT systems, resulting in business agility.It has the ability to transform any type of data to any specific format with formats including XML,Non XML, Cobol Copybook,EDI […]

Simplify Development = Embrace Patterns

I’m a BIG believer in two things: a) work smarter, not harder; 2) keep things simple — avoid complexity. Complex leads to complicated, complicated leads to misunderstanding, misunderstanding leads to chaos. Nonetheless, my guidelines seem easy enough, right? Well, good news then, they are simple and easy to apply in just about anything we face day […]

eXtreme Scale

eXtreme Scale

Just for curiosity’s sake and this blog, I looked up the definition of ‘cache’ [as used in computer science]. Most sources define it as “…a component that transparently stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster “.  The part about served faster reminded me of an old adage. It goes like this. […]

IIBv9 – Introduction

Peers, it is time to embrace IBM’s Integration Bus v9 aka IIBv9. Many of us are comfortable developing solutions using WebSphere Message Broker [WMB] version 6, 7 and 8. To date, all the projects I’ve worked on at Perficient, clients still used WMB 6/7. However, IBM recently re-branded WMB as Integration Bus. Much of the […]

Handling Multiple Inputs/Outputs in WTX & DataPower

A WTX map with single input and single output can be configured by adding a Transform Binary Action straight forward in DataPower. But when WTX map has multiple inputs and outputs, Transform Binary Action configurations will be complex. This article will give an overview of how to address this issue. What do we cover in […]

Enterprise Application Integration Checklist

I have been doing Enterprise Application Integration my whole career, and while there is certainly a great collection of tools and resources available to us, there’s something missing.  Regardless of language and technology stack, there’s a need to answer certain questions before beginning any integration project.  This simple, obvious and crucial process has been overlooked […]

WTX HIPAA EDI Pack – Compliance Checking

The IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) is a universal transformation engine that can validate and transform any data, work directly in any architecture, and can be used for transformations across the enterprise. WTX supports specific industry packs such as healthcare services, which provide capabilities to perform following: Transform, validate, and enrich any data Deliver trustworthy […]

Performance Tuning in Integration Projects: Power of XML Queries

It is a common scenario in integration projects to retrieve messages from the database for message enhancements, grouping and transmission. We encountered recently a performance issue in a big healthcare integration project. The technologies employed were IBM DB2, IBM Message Broker (MB), and IBM Transformation Extender (WTX). The process of retrieving messages from the database […]

IBM Websphere Transformation Extender – Power of Packs

IBM Websphere Transformation Extender (WTX) product is a powerful, transaction oriented universal data transformation and validation solution that provides flexibility to IT Systems and adapts to market changes quickly. Its codeless feature, industry packs gives powerful boost to generate complex mappings in no time. Following are the different packs provided: For Healthcare: HIPAA electronic data […]