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Save Money, Increase Efficiency: Use Config Wizard in WPS v8.5

Save $$$, increase efficiency: Use Config Wizard in WPS v8.5

If you are anything like me – you have probably ignored the Configuration Wizard capability in WebSphere Portal since it was first introduced in v6.x. It was a feature with much promise … yet it was pretty much unusable in most real-world installation scenarios. Over the years IBM made great strides to simplify base WebSphere Portal […]

WebSphere Portal v8.5 First Look: Install

WebSphere Portal v8.5 First Look: Install

IBM announced the release of IBM Digital Experience Suite 8.5 on earlier this month. Today, I had the chance to download the software images from and I am writing this as I install WebSphere Portal v8.5 Extend edition on Windows 7 OS. I went ahead with the Extend edition because I wanted to get a hold of all the […]

The Portal URI Resolution Service

WebSphere Portal 6.0.1 introduced a capability called the URI resolution service or POC servlet  or the Resolver Framework depending on where you see it mentioned. The DeveloperWorks article called Accessing portal content with custom URLs is the most recent and informative post I have found describing this service. This service was created to allow non-portal sites in your […]