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Upgrading to AEM 6.3: When runAllPreUpgradeTask() Fails

For upgrades to AEM 6.3, Adobe has provided a pre-upgrade task package to make the process easier on implementers. The main task is runAllPreUpgradeTask(), which takes care of executing Revision Cleanup, Version Purge, Workflow Purge, Audit Log Maintenance, and Generate Bundle List File. When I ran runAllPreUpgradeTask(), it started the process, but after a while, […]

The Power of Transient Workflow in AEM

When a workflow executes in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), it stores workflow runtime information in the JCR repository under the instance node. This feature is useful when auditing is required on each step of the workflow status. The downside of this feature is the growth of the repository size, as a large repository can eventually inhibit performance and cause disk […]