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6 Great Reasons to Work at Perficient

What Does Perficient Do? We’re a global digital consultancy transforming how the world’s biggest brands connect with customers and grow their business. Working at Perficient, you get to help deliver experience and expertise, speed and agility, and a healthy dose of pragmatism to drive business forward for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Are […]

Post-Digital Transformation

Managing Stakeholders Includes You: 4 Steps for Work-Life

Stakeholder Management creates healthy relationships with stakeholders through the management of their expectations and agreed project objectives. Stakeholders can be groups or persons, internal or external, part of the project or not, for example law-makers or media. Depending on the size and nature of your project, stakeholder management can be quite formal or a casual task […]

Working Moms: Eating Popsicles in Pantsuits

Working Moms: Eating Popsicles in Pantsuits

A smart phone with calendar apps, to-do lists and Toca Boca games. A commute that starts with the Frozen soundtrack and ends with Ted Talks podcasts. A brain filled with goals and objectives and a heart filled with morning kisses and afternoon smiles. This is what daily life looks like for working moms. When we […]