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Accelerating Partner Management: How Manufacturers Can Navigate COVID-19 [Webinar]

Recovering, reopening and rebuilding will be a two-fold process: what now and what next. The pandemic has created a new normal for manufacturers, and the impact of digital communication will more be important than ever before. Join us at Tony Kratovil, RVP of Manufacturing at Salesforce, and Eric Dukart, National Sales Executive at Perficient, discuss […]

Manufacturing Covid19 and What’s Next for Manufacturers in the Wake of COVID-19

Disconnected data. Supply chain disruptions. Employee wellness. Shift planning and management. Finding ways to return employees safely to the factory floor. When it comes to reopening and rebuilding, there’s one underlying commonality for manufacturers in the wake of COVID-19. The common thread: solving for distance. In some cases, it’s physical. How do you ensure a […]

How Using Can Help You Get A Promotion

Perficient adopted over six months ago and it has been a great success, largely due to the value it adds for end users. I’ve mentioned before that helps me to be a better manager. But what is in it for my employees? Why should they be using it? Can it help them get […]

Moving beyond “sales” to “community” using Salesforce

At Perficient,  we live what we sell. We have long seen the value of Salesforce and the cloud in general to impact a company and its community of partners, customers, and the public. When we think about our business we use Salesforce as the anchor technology  to serve these communities. What started in 1999 as a simple […]