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Ux Designers

So, You’re the UX Guy? Great! What Exactly Do You Do?

Hello, I am a UX designer. I am known by other names such as “the designer,” “the UI guy,” “the creative,” “the web designer,” and many more. Some of these other names are in the ballpark and some are flat out wrong. It’s confusing even to us in the industry. The names have evolved as […]

Sitecore Experience Accelerator – What It Is And Why It Matters

A lot has been made recently of the new Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA, or sometimes just XA).  Sitecore has released some details around it (you can find an overview here and more details here), and with the release of 8.2 at the end of last month, more and more people are starting to get their […]

Wireframes: Friend or Foe?

It seems like designers fall into two camps — either they think wireframes are really important OR they say they think wireframes are really important but don’t. At all. In fact, it has been my experience that those who fall into the latter group actually think that following the wireframes too closely makes them look […]

Importance of Wireframes – A Program Manager’s Perspective

by Dan Kaho Whether transitioning a site from one platform to another or starting a new project on a new platform, one commonly overlooked project phase is the creation of wireframes.  For pre-existing sites (ie – sites that are already live), wireframes are not usually a part of the project plan.  In this scenario, wireframes […]

Using GIMP for Quick and Easy Wireframes

Recently, at a client, I was presented with the problem of creating updates to an existing UI (important note: “updates” not complete redo).  To aide overall understanding of the goals of the project, I set out to create some wireframes.  None of this is unusual, of course, but I had a choice to make as […]