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Microsoft Windows Intune Wave E

Microsoft came out with Windows  Intune Wave D not to long ago, and now are alreay touting a new version, I am assuming it will be E or Version 5. From what I have been seeing, this iteration is part of a larger set of product updates that are coming through the end of the year. System Center R2, […]

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SCCM 2012 Hierarchy Demystified

With the introduction to System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Microsoft introduced changes in the Hierarchy from 2007. It can be a very tedious task to dig through all the TechNet articles to try and figure out how you should architect your SCCM 2012 deployment. A lot of the information out there leads you right back […]

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Lync Server 2013 Interop – Debunking the Myths

It is quite obvious the big market players are competing to own the “Unified Communications” space.  I put quotes around Unified Communications because that definition seems to vary depending on who you talk to.  Big name players such as Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, Siemens, Polycom, the list goes on, have taken strides to create their own […]

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Server 2012 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure New Features

VDI has been around for years now, and there are a few companies that have been strong in this sector. There have always been many factors, why everyone does not use VDI solutions and have kept people from jump on the bandwagon, Cost, Ease of Deployment, Management, Video streaming capability’s….and the list goes on. I […]

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Microsoft BitLocker Windows 8 Server 2012 New Features

Bitlocker has been around for sometime, and with most Microsoft products gets better with versions. There has been some really good improvements and features added to the Server 2012, Windows 8 platforms. Bitlocker Provisioning Windows 8 is now deployable to an encrypted state during installation prior to calling setup. Used Disk Space Only Encryption BitLocker […]

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Lync support for Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012

This is the final post in the Twelve Days of Lync’mas series, to see an index of all twelve posts, click here. On the twelfth day of Lync’mas my UC team gave to me: Support for Windows and SQL Server 2012. Introduction Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 for the 12th day of Lync’mas… […]

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Using PowerShell in Windows Server 2012 to create a simple lab

I’ve been meaning to sit down and spend some time exploring the new Active Directory cmdlets that come with Windows Server 2012 so I decided to use my lab to create some test objects and populate the mailboxes with some messages. My lab setup is very simple: 1 – Windows Server 2012 domain controller 1 […]

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Converting a DiskPart script to PowerShell on Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 and PowerShell 3.0 offer thousands of new cmdlets to make any scripter happy. One set of cmdlets had me intrigued when I first heard about them. The cmdlets in the storage module interested me because frequently I would have to deploy a bunch of new Exchange servers and depending on the design […]

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Why I love PowerShell…and so should you

 This blog post is meant for both the PowerShell newbie and scripter out there looking for a reason why they should start learning aptly named PowerShell or push themselves to learn a new aspect of PowerShell they’ve been meaning to try. It’s been a few years now since PowerShell first came to be. Remember those […]

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Windows Server 2012 and the “POWER” of PowerShell 3.0

At one time many Server versions ago, I thought why anyone would want to know PowerShell! What a waste of time! Well I was wrong, PowerShell is not going away anytime soon. Just to show how strongly Microsoft is feeling about the use of PowerShell, Server 2008/R2 was shipped with a whopping  230 cmdlets, now […]

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Common Shortcut Keys For Windows Server 2012 For Admins

Here’s a quick shortlist of the most common new “Windows Key” shortcuts that we admins find the most useful! Myself and colleague Suzanne George are always doing: * Win+E – Explorer * Win+R – Run * Win+Break – System Info * Win+D – Desktop (we use this one a lot!) * Win+Plus or Win+Minus – […]

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