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Microsoft will bring Windows 10 to Raspberry Pi 2

For the uninitiated, Raspberry Pi is an extremely popular low-cost (it only costs $35), credit-card sized computer which took DIY computer scene by the storm about a year ago. This is a fully functional personal computer which could be plugged in to monitor (or TV) and with added keyboard and mouse could be used for.. well, […]

The curious case of Windows RT

During its big event on 01/21 Microsoft talked a lot about upcoming Windows 10, which should unify Windows on phones, tables, laptops and hybrid devices. There were in-depth presentations about Windows on phones and Windows on desktop. But there is one flavor of Windows which was suspiciously absent from the event – Windows RT. When Microsoft […]

XBox One

Xbox One as an App platform

With the newly released Xbox One, Microsoft has been very up front with their quest to take over your living room.  One of the main marketing pushes for the Xbox One is that it does more than play games.  It integrates with your cable box, it can multi-task  by snapping apps to the side (similar […]

The Biggest Week in Microsoft History

I have had a few days to recover from the last 10 days of launches, releases, announcements and presentations from Microsoft and after catching up from the sleep deprivation, I have had an epiphany. Everything you knew about Microsoft has not changed but everything you knew about Microsoft has been turned upside-down. First let’s look […]

The Surface and Windows RT: A Philosophical Difference

Part I: Philosophical Differences The new Microsoft Surface runs Windows RT, a curious product.  It is basically a stripped down version of Windows 8, re-engineered to work on the mobile, low power ARM architecture.  Apple’s iOS and Mac OSX are the closest comparisons to the new Windows Operating Systems. Microsoft has played to their strength by scaling […]