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Whitepaper: Guide to setting up profiling in Sitecore XP

If you happened to catch the announcement in the recent 2021 SUGCON, Sitecore released a new guide to behavioral profiling and the PDF is available now for download here. This was another collaboration with the broader Sitecore community. I am proud again to say I am a contributor to this Sitecore Whitepaper and am always […]

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Whitepaper: Multisite Personalization Strategy | Cross-community Collaboration

Sitecore community comes together to author Multisite Personalization Strategy guide build off of years of combined experience.

Google Search for Work 101: Guide to Security

Well, I am probably going to kick myself for trying to do this, but I have finally decided to write an overview of Google Search Appliance security.  I realize this is a bit like trying to write an article on how the Internet works – the topic is broad, it has been covered by many people […]

White Paper Summary: Responsive Design vs. Adaptive Design

Back in June, I wrote a blog post about the Opportunity Costs of using Responsive Design with Sitecore.  In that post, I talk about the Pros’ and Cons of using one of our industries hottest buzzwords, Responsive Design (RWD) on a Sitecore implementation.  In my post, I talk about the Device concept of Sitecore which […]

White Paper: The SharePoint Site Governance Lifecycle Model

Organizations choose SharePoint as an enterprise collaboration, productivity, insight and analysis platform in order to drive business value. If SharePoint is a lever, then governance directs the force placed on that lever to achieve maximum leverage. In this white paper, “The SharePoint Site Governance Lifecycle Model,” Perficient introduces the five stages of its SharePoint Governance […]

New Whitepaper on Using TDI for IBM Connections

IBM Connections uses a tool called Tivoli Directory Integrator to push and pull profile information between Connections and a variety of different LDAP’s and systems (Peoplesoft HR for example).  It’s a powerful tool that can get a little complicated.  IBM just published a whitepaper on their developer worksweb site titled Understanding IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator […]