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An IBM DB2 Architecture Using AWS

Target audience: Mid to Highly skilled Linux, DB2 and AWS admins. Currently IBM DB2 is not one of the choices for an RDBS in AWS. This article describes how to stand up a simple HA DB2 instance using AWS components. This configuration is intended to be used as a POC or POT demonstration of DB2. […]

Creating IBM Websphere MQ components from batch file

As an IBM Websphere MQ administrator we come across several situations where in we need to create a lot of IBM Websphere MQ components as a part of an implementation and creation of these components manually could be a tedious job which might also be prone to errors sometimes. To overcome this tedious work, we […]

Everything IBM Customers Need to Know about PVU

In 2006, IBM introduced a new license metrics called Processor Value Unit (PVU). PVU is a unit of measure which streamlines IBM licensing policies and contracts. I’ve found that these changes in IBM licensing jargon and calculations can be very confusing to IBM customers, IBM business partners, and IBM software sellers. Before we deep dive into […]

How To: Message Selectors in WMB & WMQ as JMS Publish Subscriber

WebSphere MQ, when used as a JMS provider, can be leveraged to implement one of the widely used architecture patterns, the Pub-Sub model. In this use case, we have a message flow as the service provider that connects to WMQ publisher and another consumer message flow that uses WMQ topics as a subscriber within WebSphere […]

Why WebSphere MQ as opposed to RDBMS for WMB

One of the most asked questions in a project from the client was how feasible is it to use Database as the intermediary transport layer for Websphere Message Broker. No doubt there is a long term benefit in using WMQ but the question is more short sighted as per the immediate benefits of leveraging the […]