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Everything IBM Customers Need to Know about PVU

In 2006, IBM introduced a new license metrics called Processor Value Unit (PVU). PVU is a unit of measure which streamlines IBM licensing policies and contracts. I’ve found that these changes in IBM licensing jargon and calculations can be very confusing to IBM customers, IBM business partners, and IBM software sellers. Before we deep dive into […]

Retail Best Practices with WebSphere Application Server 9

As look at the state of hybrid cloud technology and retail experiences, I reflect on how my buying habits have changed throughout the years. In the past, I would go into a store with the intention of gaining information from a salesperson and make my decision from there. These days, I tend to enter the store […]

How to On-Ramp into the Hybrid Cloud

In past posts, we’ve written about why you should consider and how to optimize hybrid cloud for your technology needs. It goes without saying that as we examine the technology landscape today, the business case for hybrid cloud is stronger than ever, with nearly 80% of enterprises committing to adoption by 2017. Transitioning to a hybrid cloud stack […]