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Automotive Companies Need to Take Back the Online Shopping Space

Why are automotive companies allowing third-party auto sites to control and dominate the online car shopping process? Next time you are sitting on your couch watching TV or online streaming video, pay attention to the automotive commercials. One thing you may notice is that none of them tell you to go to their website in […]

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Windows Azure: Web Roles vs. Websites

Windows Azure has many different devices for publishing and consuming content.  Two of those which are often confused are web roles and web sites.  The two are very similar and share some common strengths, but given specific conditions one may fit your need better than the other.  For example, web roles and web sites will […]

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How to Make Parent-Child Lists and Forms in SharePoint 2010

In this article we will explore how to make parent-child list relationships in SharePoint 2010, at both the list level and the user interface form level. At the list level, we will describe how to use a Lookup field to create the relationship at the list level. At the user interface level, we will document […]

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Custom Principles of SharePoint Development & User Experience

Microsoft’s latest release of SharePoint (SharePoint 2010) has been gaining more and more traction lately in the collaboration/portal space as well as the public website/ digital marketing space. As such, organizations are trying to maximize their investment by enhancing their SharePoint solution with custom functionality and improved user experience. Let’s be frank, the out-of-the-box SharePoint […]

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