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5 Key Factors to Influence Your Healthcare Website Redesign

When redesigning your public facing website whether you are a healthcare provider or payer, there are a number of key factors to consider on where to focus your efforts to ensure you’re giving consumers-patients-members the best digital experience. As it only takes about 0.05 seconds[1] for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether […]

Avoid These “Gotchas” During Your Website Redesign

We’ve all been there. Someone at your company takes off for a three-day design conference and returns with a travel mug and tote bag full of design ideas to freshen up your web presence. They get signoff and engage with an agency that incorporates all the “latest and greatest” that looks stunning as comps, but […]

5 Reminders for Your Website Redesign

Change is all around us, and the driving forces of change seem to have hit the accelerator in the last couple of years. Whether it’s rising customer expectations, continual connectedness, organizational velocity, or the proliferation of data, one thing is very clear. Today, it’s a customer-driven world, and those customers are in the driver’s seat. […]

How Lamar Increased Web Engagement, Conversions with Sitecore CMS

Perficient’s Sitecore team recently worked with Lamar Advertising to transform Lamar’s web presence resulting in increased customer awareness, allowing Lamar to address customer needs on both a local and national level. In addition, Lamar has experienced increased conversions, has the ability to reach, engage and educate potential customers about out-of-home advertising, and has reduced time-to-market […]

Webinar: Perficient Increases Website Traffic Using Sitecore CMS

Change has become a constant in marketing, and many marketers are becoming increasingly reliant upon their company’s web presence to drive results. A usable, conversion-oriented website is key to driving leads and sales from online and even offline campaigns. And modern content management systems (CMS) make it easier for marketers to update content, improve search […]

SEO Before and After Website Redesigns

A lot of clients approach Perficient with the desire to redesign an existing website, which typically involves new site architecture. Although a fresh and improved design and architecture can positively impact user experience, navigation, search robots crawling and consequently search engine rankings, it’s important to develop an SEO migration plan that covers action items before […]

SharePoint Internet, Intranet, Extranets at Gateway to Innovation

Yesterday, at the Gateway to Innovation conference in Saint Louis, MO, two of our clients presented to an audience on how SharePoint specifically helped their organizations 1) grow and scale, and 2) collaborate and integrate data and processes. Andrew Richards, Director of the Information Systems Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences at Washington University presented […]