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4 Tips for Upping Organic Search Traffic (Hint: Content is Key)

As you’re probably aware, search engines are getting smarter. Not only that, Google is also becoming more in-tune with the intent behind users’ searches, with the objective to provide more comprehensive content that follows the mindset of the searcher rather than just a simple, literal answer to their query. Because of this, websites with fleshed […]

Mobile-First! A Framework for Evaluating Your Legacy Web Content

We know the tipping point has passed: more web traffic comes from mobile devices than desktop. Still, your web content strategy, if it has embraced the “Mobile-First!” mantra, is probably in an early stage of transformation, most likely reflected in UX, design, and technology solutions to optimize how your content displays on mobile devices. Of […]

Every Word is an Opportunity—Let your Brand Speak for Itself

From billboards and videos to banner ads and email, every time you talk to your customers is an opportunity to further your brand. Even the error messages on your website can be crafted to fit your style. But to do it right, the first step is to establish your brand’s tone of voice. This is […]

Things Your Website Content Migration is Missing: A Timeline

In the third installment of our “Things Your Website Content Migration is Missing” series, we’re going to discuss timing. Just as snoozing your alarm clock 16 times can mess up your entire day, not sticking to a content migration timeline can delay or even prevent your project from launching. So how can you create a […]

Who’s Making the Calls? 8 Keys to Successful Content Governance

Let’s face it: Content governance is hard. It requires a great commitment to long-term strategy and a willingness to insulate your content from the vagaries of corporate pressure. But it is worth it. Your content is a key corporate asset. Your content strategy establishes the direction to ensure that your key corporate asset will meet […]

Things Your Website Content Migration is Missing, Part 2: A Map

We’re back! It’s time for another installment of “Things your website content migration is missing.” Last time, we explained how to set goals for your content migration and discussed why they’re important. If you haven’t read that article yet, now’s the time to do so – otherwise, today’s post won’t make much sense! Creating effective […]

Help Customers Find Their Way with Information Architecture

The benefits of information architecture are often overlooked and undervalued. Just like the foundation of a home, a well-built foundation goes unnoticed while a poorly laid foundation affects everything about the home’s structural integrity. Let’s face it, for most people information architecture isn’t as appealing as visual design and not as cool as the latest […]

ReadMe: The Future Is Written – Part One

Part One: The Sun Always Rises In the East The sun always rises in the east. Okay. Porpoises are pretty damn smart. Sure. People don’t read online. Damn.   I write for a living (among other things), so this last dictum just plain sends me over the edge. And I’ve been encountering it recently from […]