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How to enable Webpack on your Episerver Project

If you’re building modern web applications, you need to carefully consider the front-end technology stack you use. Webpack, a static module bundler, combined with NPM for package management, is a great starting point. Here’s how you can incorporate these technologies into your MVC application built upon Episerver. Alongside Node.js, we need to have node-sass […]

APS.NET Core Web Application with React-Redux

Introduction React has gone viral among web developers. Compared to other mainstream JS libraries, thanks to JSX and virtual DOM, react has native advantages on DOM control. Redux is a handy way to manage state and React-Redux provides the glue between React and Redux. Going back to ASP.Net core, on VS 2017 Update 3, users […]

How to Hot Reload Your Web Application

Have you ever tried to use webpack to compile JS and CSS files? If yes, you might know that it’s difficult for the developer because they usually need to run the “Webpack” command to recompile JS files and CSS files when they are changed. Every time webpack does a compilation, the developer should click F5 to refresh […]

Using Webpack to Enable Dynamic Imports and Long-Term-Caching

Background Many people are using Webpack in front-end projects to pack their modules, especially for big single page application. Usually, it will pack up all your js files into one js bundle., but you may not need them all at the same time since it will take longer when the page is being loaded. So, […]

Set karma configuration with Angular 2.0

When we use webpack as our packaging tool, we can use karma as our test environment, so that our project more flexible and convenient. Enjoy learning karma and webpack. Karma: Introduction: Karma is a simple tool that allows you to execute JavaScript code in multiple real browsers. Purpose: The main purpose of karma is to […]