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Understanding and Creating Multi-Click Images and Map Links in SharePoint Online

This tutorial walks you through how to add multiple hyperlinks inside an image and embed it into a SharePoint page. To add a hyperlink to an image, we want to map the link in the image with its coordinates. You can easily accomplish this through an image map.  Image Maps  An image map allows a user to click on different clickable areas of the image and be linked to different destinations, making it easy to navigate to a different page. By using image mapping, you can […] Resizeimage (87)

How to Use a Quick Link Web Parts in Modern SharePoint

SharePoint’s modern user interface (UI) provides web parts and a user-friendly experience. My favorite feature is the quick link web part, which is very easy to learn and adapt to. In this blog, I will demonstrate how you can design your SharePoint page using a quick links web part with two different methods. We can […]

Can Widgr Fill a Market Niche?

I’ve blogged before about the need for a marketplace of portlets.   I’ve lamented the lack thereof in fact.  So I was happy to hear about a new offering in the Widgr Marketplace site.  Widgr, in beta right now, intends to offer a variety of portlets, widgets, gadgets, iframes, and other pieces of functionality for use […]