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Automate Endpoints Creation in Optimizely Configured Commerce with PowerShell

Creating custom storefront APIs in the backend often involves a time-consuming process of crafting multiple files. Our PowerShell script automates endpoint creation to streamline this, generating the necessary classes and interfaces effortlessly. Let’s explore in this blog how to automate endpoint creation in Optimizely Configured Commerce with PowerShell. The Endpoints Optimizely Configured Commerce interacts with […]

A Full-Stack API Architecture for a Microservice Evolution

In this blog I’ve taking some liberty to extend the general definition of full stack, in order to describe a system architecture that lends itself well to full stack development. With the emergence of micoservices as an alternative to monolithic applications and service-oriented architectures; there is need to elaborate in more depth on an architectural […]

Sitecore – Add Session to Web API

Out of the box, Web API does not support session. It’s possible to enable it, but requires a bit of work. In this blog post, I’ll cover how you can enable session in Web API for your Sitecore solutions with a custom pipeline processor.

Sitecore and Web API – Set Custom ContractResolver

In a standard Web API implementation, if you want to change the ContractResolver that is used by the Web API framework to serialize your models into JSON, it’s as easy as changing the JsonFormatter settings in the GlobalConfiguration.

Mobile Backend-as-a-Service Using Web APIs

Mobility is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have in order to connect to customers. Mobile applications and the cloud continue to drive requirements for backend services. But according to surveys, 70% to 80 % of the time spent in mobile “app” development is building the backend services. These backend services are necessary to build […]

Why we need web APIs

A few commonly asked questions by people around Web APIs are: Why do we need it? How is it different from SOA? What value will it add to my company? Here, I discuss how companies can benefit from implementing web APIs. I’ll cover the myths between SOA and APIs in a future article. Today, we […]

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xDB: Tracking the Untrackable – Part 1

[su_note note_color=”#fafafa”]Tracking page visits is easy. It just works. A user visits a page and the analytics pipelines attached to the request processing cycle do their thing. Modern sites and web apps do a lot of dynamic and asynchronous data lookups – they try to provide a better user experience by actively loading partials or […]

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Web API, SimpleInjector, and AnalyticsDataController

Sitecore.Services.Client I am currently working on a very unique app. It’s not a traditional Sitecore architecture. Very far from it actually. Data driven, lots of client side renderings over raw data (JSON), dynamically loaded content fragments, and topped with personalization, analytics, and Sitecore playing content as a service role. Very cool I must say. Long […]