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IBM Digital Experience Conf: Developing Portlets Using JQuery

jQuery is one of the most pervasive scripting libraries in use today. The session “Developing Portlets Using Javascript and JQuery for Engaging Digital Experiences” by Stephan Hesmer, Web 2.0 Architect, IBM and  Jaspreet Singh, Rational Tools Architect, IBM provided good insight as to how to leverage jQuery in IBM WebSphere Portal. First, a couple of […]

Social Intranet Technologies, Part 1

I’ve been seeing a lot of interest in the concept of a Social Intranet lately.  The intranet is your company’s internal content network.  In many cases, it is nothing more than a series of links to other systems.  In more sophisticated intranets, companies publish corporate news and announcements, departments have their own pages to share […]

Mobile Web Apps and Apple iOS 6

Today I updated my iPhone 4 to the new iOS 6 operating system.  It has lots of new features which I’ve just started to play with, including a new version of Safari, Apple’s mobile web browser.   What does this have to do with portals?  Keep reading. One of my clients just recently (yesterday – […]

WebSphere Portal 8: New Modular Theme Framework

IBM has been reworking WebSphere Portal themes for a long time now.  The feedback I get on themes in Portal 7 is they are too complicated, too slow, and not well documented.  With WebSphere Portal 8, IBM is addressing these concerns with a new theme architecture.  IBM is touting the new theme as very modular, […]

Initial Impressions of IBM Portal Mobile Experience

IBM released the new Portal Mobile Experience theme a couple of weeks ago (see Jonathan Distad’s post).  I decided to install this new theme to see what a Portal Mobile Experience is like.   In the first screen shot, you see the standard Portal Administration page from a desktop browser. There is a navigator on the […]

WebSphere Portal Version 8 Beta

On 9/15/2011 I attended a great session from IBM on the IBM Customer Experience Suite, WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager Version 8 Beta given by Lauren Wendel, Brian Chaput, Nicole Carrier and Thomas Stober of IBM.  They gave some great insight into what new capabilities will be coming in Q3 in the upcoming beta. Four Key Investment […]

Omnifind 9.1 – a brand new search

Admittedly, search hasn’t been IBM’s game for a bit.  Slowly over the years we have seen their search product, Omnifind, come together and now with 9.1 it all changes – for the better.   I have reviewed pretty much every major player in the search market from Autonomy to Google to Endeca to Lucene and […]

20 reasons NOT to collaborate – #1 You are a traditionalist

A few months ago I wrote up this list and will begin to address ways social champions can address the 20 reasons NOT to collaborate. These are the good old days.  Just a new version of the good old days.  Remember how the internet was going to replace the person and the businesses (.com’s) that […]

12 Things You Shouldn’t Do on a Portal Project: #10 When Web 2.0 is 2.Much

Ajax is a good thing, right?    Well, not always. What Happened A financial company had a content based intranet and the implementer decided that absolutely everything should be done using Ajax.   The home page had about a dozen portlets on it.  Some were personalized but most simply displayed non personalized content which did not change […]

Mobile Portal 7

In Q3, IBM will be shipping their Portal 7 Mobile theme (insert applause).  This powerful theme takes advantage of the almost-ubiquitous used mobile web-kit.  This compliments IBM’s Mobile Portal Accelerator (MPA) which provides a much broader solution for multiple mobile device support.  The Mobile Theme provides a lightweight toolkit for extending portals to Android, iPhone […]

Using AJAX in Portal

Client side aggregation using AJAX interactions seems to be a must have these days.  Everyone wants to be like iGoogle or pick your favorite client side aggregated site.  Now while this is wonderful for portal, it is not always appropriate to use and can severely impact performance.  For example, here is a high level typical […]

Tagging and Rating in WebSphere Portal 7

WebSphere Portal 7 includes two new cool features: tagging and rating.  With these new features you can easily allow users to tag and rate portal pages and web content items.  Lets take a look at both of these features in action. Tagging a Portal Page   When using the new Page Builder theme, tagging is […]

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