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Perficient Hits the Streets with New Wearable Prototype

The number of wearable users in the US is predicted to reach predicted to reach 67 million, more than 25% of the adult population, by 2022. Wearable technology is expanding beyond the realm of fitness trackers and smartwatches, creating new opportunities for brands to reach their customers and improve day-to-day tasks. To stay on top […]

Wearable Technology for All

The definition of wearable technology has changed as much as technology has in the last century. In the first waves of wearable technology we got the calculator watch, you know the one, featured in back to the future. Although we have yet to see a hover board, wearable technology has gone to unbelievable heights. From […]

Reconsidering Enterprise Wearables

I was talking to a colleague a number of weeks ago and the topic came up of where mobile was headed now that smartphones/tablets have become “commonplace”. The three areas that seem to get a considerable degree of focus is wearables (whose hype will be even further boosted if Apple releases the rumored iWatch on […]

Retail Trends 2014: #2 – Personalized Shopping for the Connected Consumer

In case you missed it, we’ve kicked off our list of retail technology trends you can’t ignore in 2014 and covered Social Commerce and Marketing in our first post. The proliferation of social media, smartphones, tablets, mobile wallets, and wearable technology all made headlines in 2013. These converging technology trends have helped formulate the Age of […]

Invitation from Google to become a Glass Explorer

Earlier this year, Google had launched +Project Glass contest and offered a unique opportunity to experience Google Glass in-person. I entered into the contest as well and my submissions can be found here. Approximately eight thousand winners were selected and I was not one of them. Recently, I received an email from “Glass Support” with an invitation to […]