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How To Switch From WCMUsePojo to Sling Models in AEM Part Three – Custom Injectors

When you are writing Sling Models code, you are constantly invoking injectors for the objects you use in your Sling Models class. There are eight standard injectors Sling provides out of the box currently (based on version 1.3.9.r1784960 of installed in AEM 6.3). But sometimes you may find the eight injectors don’t meet a […]

How To Switch From WCMUsePojo To Sling Models in AEM Part Two – JUnit Test

As you may know, unit testing and test-driven development (TDD) are important for making sure your code complies with the design, is scalable among your team, and provides automated regression. Often times, the JUnit test and component back-end Java code come hand in hand. An AEM developer who writes the component logic is also responsible […]

How To Switch From WCMUsePojo To Sling Models in AEM Part One – Component

Looking back at Adobe Experience Manager’s (AEM) component development path (especially if you started from 6.0 or earlier), you likely have used a variety of ways to provide back-end logic to components. Beginning with JSP (or even scriptlets), to abstract component Java class with page context or binding objects, to Adobe’s WCMUse or your custom implementation of […]